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  1. Is it the money you think he'll ask for or his game that you don't like?
  2. I'd really rather a big bodied receiver like Sanu or Rishard Matthews but he put up good numbers last year and could fill in as our new returner.
  3. . Does anyone know where this gif is from? I see it everywhere.
  4. Honestly, the first name that popped into my head when I read "Dangerous" was Cam's. My definition of a dangerous offensive weapon is a guy that can produce big plays even when the defense is well positioned. I would certainly say that cam fits that, especially considering that ball is always in his hand
  5. If you don't like this...something is wrong with you
  6. Yeah, I was going to ask about that. Do you mean he's tight coming out of his cuts? Was he getting separation?
  7. 1 gap and 1 tech are not the same thing. Tech pertains to where you line up, gap pertains to your lane responsibilities.
  8. This always perplexes me...how do you know the players would have been available rounds later? How can you, so confidently, say that there wasn't industry circle discussions that holmes/dez would be taken in the third? I'm not interested in defending TD, but it just annoys when people swear they know when players will be available.
  9. This is a 2nd yr player..from SE Louisiana..playing his first full season as a starter...allow the kid to develop. I can't believe that even needs to be said.
  10. Uhhhh... Matt Birk retired after last season. He works in the NFL front office now. Maybe you should re-think Newsome's evaluation of Hawley.
  11. Josh Wilson: Has quality experience starting on the outside, he's a vet that can help the young guys...cut Arenas Joplo Bartu over one of the rookies Travian Robinson: Not ideal size, but strong enough to play 34 nose..cut Matthews Darius Johnson not sure who to cut but I would hate to lose him.
  12. You have an "in" to what most scouts think about Dez?
  13. Ok. I'm going to post this one more time http://draftbreakdown.com/video/dezmen-southward-vs-arizona-st-2013/ Who cares that you don't know his name. Look at the kid..like..actually look at him.
  14. Forget reading...watch: http://draftbreakdown.com/video/dezmen-southward-vs-arizona-st-2013/ Make your own decision.
  15. Maybe you guys should actually look at him before bitching http://draftbreakdown.com/video/dezmen-southward-vs-arizona-st-2013/
  16. Can't see Pryor making it out of the Top 20.
  17. You have to admit..Sehorn was beast for a few years.
  18. Doesn't Glenn Thomas' dad post on these boards. I could have sworn I read a thread about that.
  19. I think you're confusing the two Nivek...Goodman has more size and better arm length than Mass but Mass turns the corner better than most of our DL
  20. I've always thought punt return blocking was horrible. Thought I was the only one that noticed. Glad to see I'm not
  21. With Baker's contract..I think this is all we can hope for I could get behind that line. Depending on how we finish the season, we could draft: Matthews or Lewan to play LT or Seantrel Henderson on the right side.
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