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  1. Dude was a lockdown corner. One of my favorite Falcons of all time. If I remember correctly, he shut down Calvin Johnson as well when we played the lions in the Mike Smith era. Very impressive for a 5'10 corner.
  2. You forgot to mention that after the coaching change-up during the bye week last season, we went 6-2 including wins against the Saints and 49ers. I have a lot of hope for this year and think we're definitely going to be better. Beasley being on the field was just handicapping us. I think Fowler and Davidson will definitely help our D-line step up. Besides injuries that might be a problem again for defense, I'm most concerned with how our corners will play out. I think if Oliver and Terrell plays well then we're pretty set. I feel pretty confident in Sheffield. Still don't have
  3. 18 sacks into 4 games on Watson. Hardly pressured and perfect QBR. Only Falcons things! Rise up, i guess..
  4. All it took was the offensive linemen to learn that he can only spin to win. Sucks that he's so athletic, but always looks lost especially out in coverage. Worst tackler on our team too.
  5. You got a stomach ulcer or something? Edit: nvm, saw the bottom of OP's message. Good luck tomorrow then!
  6. 1 off day with an injured Defense. He usually blankets receivers where we wouldn't even know the dude exists...
  7. Kind of had flashbacks of Dunta Robinson's hits on both Djax and Maclin.
  8. This sucks, i just read the news... lol ****
  9. i'll be wearing my throwback falcons hat Tuesday, like always, i'll be behind this team no matter what.
  10. Well in the Falcons' Landing, they announced that the fans need to leave constantly. That probably helped a lot, but it was a playoff game. I'm just happy that I was there.
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