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  1. Cut it out Worrilow sucks PERIOD I'm tired of yall trying to make this guy out to be something he's not. He was undrafted for a reason him and beerman are the same pretty decent special teams players and they both start on our D...thats why we suck on D
  2. if you got out of that game that willy mo cnt tackle you are blind the man made 6 or 7 tackles worlow sucks I wish this board would start talking like he's anything other than below average He's slow I saw fitzpatrick out-run him WE NEED LINEBACKERS
  3. how about because since he became a full time starter in 2010 he has the 2nd most takeaways in the whole league genius byw he's missed 6 or 7 games which means when he's on the field he takes the ball away smh you must be bored
  4. Reading some of these threads you would think the guy is bomb but truth be told he's an elite playmaker and numbers back that
  5. So Willy Mo is tied for 2nd among all defensive players in takeaways since he became a full time starter in 2010 oh and by the way he missed 4 games last year and 3 the year before that but people on this board says he's below average and he's just a head hunter that can't cover; hmmmmmm NUMBER'S DON'T LIE PERIOD
  6. I laughed yesterday when Sam bradford ran right by Decoud for like 15 yrds but on that same drive he tried scrambling again and Willy Mo almost broke him in half I don't think he scrambled anymore after that lol
  7. Besides sproles last week I don't really see passes being caught in his area
  8. last week the thing was "he isn't a pro bowler he is just an alternate" the guy is a beast and I hope he stays healthy because he and babs are the best players on our D and they both are underrated around the league
  9. I always defend our safeties but I can't defend decoud any more he played horrible yesterday I mean bradford ran away from him yesterday smh. he missed tackle after tackle But I will defend Willy MO!!! a lot of ppl talked bad about him last week for dropping that int and getting burnt by sproles but yesterday he played great This guy is a beast and its time for you guys to realize he is a pro bowl safety...By the way he only played in 12 games last year and had better stats than both of SF safeties just an FYI
  10. beerman is pretty good but the reason the defense started looking ordinary was when spoon went out; When spoon and bartu were at lb together our D looked great....when dent came in for spoon it was nothing but crossing patterns on him the rest of the day
  11. I only saw willy drop a pick that he went way high and came from the middle to get and sproles burnt him but it took a perfect pass from brees to get it there so whats your problem with willy mo
  12. I would like to know what safety in the league can cover Sproles on a wheel route lol Willy Mo was step for step with him brees put the ball perfectly to sproles. Willy Mo is a beast and If he stays healthy he will emerge as the best all-around safety in the league
  13. 1. Lets be clear alternates or not they are pro bowlers 2. its the first freakin game of the year and you say they are slacking smh 3. DEFENSE WAS NOT THE PROBLEM the offense gave them the ball inside our 20 or 30 for one of those touchdowns Willy Mo went way high for a pick (he makes that play 8 out of 10 times ) and that drive would have ended. So im putting one of those TD's on the offense 3. Holding the Saints to Basically 16 pts Decoud and Willy Mo are doing something right
  14. 5yrs 32 mil don't ask me how i know just know thats what it is #WAR
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