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  1. Dan Quinn preaches the brotherhood mentality. If one fails then they all fail as a team. Vice versa. He calls the plays and they have to execute. Pretty simple. It was just bad all around the offensive side of the ball. Things will get better just gotta believe.
  2. Pay no attention. MR2 is who we know he is. I believe he will come back strong next week against the Panthers.
  3. Matt needs to audible more. Dont think I saw him audible any tonight
  4. Gotta bounce back next week. You could tell the players weren't in game shape. Falcons always have a tough time in philly.
  5. Played like hot garbage on the offensive side. Still had a chance in the end. Hopefully we can right the ship
  6. Game of the week right here, if not the year. What an awesome way to open the season.
  7. Shooot just watching the birds play these close games are gonna give me a premature heart attack
  8. Why do I bother reading these boards... So depressing to read all this garbage
  9. Okay I guess we forgot the we are a run heavy team, who cares if Ryan hasn't thrown for 400 yards. Cam won't win as many games Ryan did in his first three years.
  10. Hmmm probably will know for sure by tonmorow I would assume
  11. That's great news for Corey, hope he can make a speedy recovery. Give ray ray the time he needs to prepare for the opener, no need to take chances in a preseason game.
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