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  1. That was a play that would've been blown down in bounds with no clock stoppage. It wasn't like he went out of bounds or it was an incomplete pass to where they review where the clock stopped.
  2. And not against a bottom feeder for a QB too. This wasn't a scrub or a backup QB.
  3. Could've seen a Stafford hurry up snap and QB sneak.
  4. If Detroit had a timeout left, they could've used it to avoid the runoff. It was to a degree a play call blunder. Either the play needed to get out of bounds or the pass should've been completed in the end zone
  5. Defense only gave up 1 TD and 4 FGs. Great job!!! This win goes as one we should've lost like Ryan's 5 pick day against Arizona.
  6. I didn't have time to walk all around the stadium for this game but there were no banners or ring of honor flags hanging from the ceiling as in the Georgia Dome. Right before kickoff they showed the prior division, the NFC championship banner from 98, as well as last year's NFC championship on the halo board. It was nice. I'm thinking they have the ring of honor somewhere in that building...will let you know after the Bills game
  7. That is scarey awesome
  8. Same as in the NFCCG, when all week leading up to game we heard how brilliant AR12 was and how he was willing GB to victory. Only to hear after their loss that he was suffering from flu like symptoms.
  9. I understand the logic of kicking the FG and going up by 4. But, playing devil's advocate here, it is not crazy to attempt to go for it on 4th down because the FG doesn't put you up by than 7. Yes, it prevented a FG from tying you, but for the Bears it eliminates the FG as an option for them. You are asking your D to stop them with 4 downs to get a 1st as opposed to 3 downs any other time. The Bears would only go for it on 4 downs until they got into FG range. They could at that point try for an upset and go for it, but most likely, they would kick a FG. The Falcons strength is their offense so that would be an advantage in OT. If the same situation held for a team like the Broncos, then you could put your faith in your D, because that is their strength.
  10. If they ever put a team in London, they would have a similar schedule.
  11. It will take another season of Quinn to see if he is like Smith. Smith didn't get fired for just the Snafu at the London game, he again showed poor game decisions against the Browns. There were several mistakes he made in 2012 but the team won in spite of them. DQ should've stepped up and said something to KS. The game was within 4 minutes of ending. We all know the FG was needed. DQ should know....there will be another game where this type of situation will be present. I just hope he learns from this and not repeatedly fall into the same hole as Smith did.
  12. They were saying on NFL radio this morning that KS will have control of roster, be HC, and call the offensive plays. Sounds like a total control freak and maybe too much for a rookie HC to handle
  13. Still here
  14. Thanks for getting the Falcons out of the media spotlight for a while.
  15. Could be worse. There was a fan honored last year that died that had been a season ticket holder and attended every game since the team entered the league. That guy's tombstone should read "Died waiting for my Falcons to win a SB". I have only been a STH since 2006, the year before Vick got busted. Before the Falcons honored the old man I felt like we had suffered a long time paying to watch this team (been a fan since the 80s when I was a kid), but man I couldn't imagine the pain that man had because of this team since 1966. When I feel bad about the game, I just remember that old guy to be inspired. He never lost his faith in this team.