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  1. Build a bridge and get over it, huh? That's cute, we used to say little things like that in the sixth grade. But I'm not sure what I need to get over. You mean I need to get over the fact that you "really wish" I'd think the same way you do? That's not a problem for me because I don't care what you'd really like, one way or the other, so consider me completely "over it". But to the extent that expressing your opinion on Chris Petersen involves telling me what you "really wish" I would or wouldn't say, I guess you're the one who'll have to get over that bridge, because your wishes about what topics I would and wouldn't post have no weight. Understand? I don't care if you like my posts. And every time you try to herd the topic back into your preferred comfort zone, I'm happy to point out that you don't control the discussion, at least not my part of it.
  2. I really wish it was possible to discuss things like this without having someone impose their requirements for acceptable topics of conversation. Also, as an athletic director, I wouldn't be in the habit of trying to divine the ambitions of prospective head coaching candidates, especially not when something as cheap as a phone call can definitively answer the question. Maybe Petersen will never leave Boise State, but acting as if that is an unquestionable absolute and beyond even discussing is just a tad presumptuous, not to mention overstepping your ability to direct the musings of other board members.
  3. You guys are pretty bold. I'd be shocked to see Ole Miss come within 30 of Alabama.
  4. I'd rather have someone like Chris Petersen than Kirby Smart. Petersen has proven he knows how to run a program and create something that's greater than the sum of its parts. Based on the trend of our talent and depth relative to the top echelon of the SEC, that will be very important for our next coach in the early years. I can't tell what, if anything, that Kirby Smart has proven. It's very hard to know how much he contributes to Alabama's success, even harder to know if he can translate that as a head coach. Smart would be a very high risk pick, IMO.
  5. Good to hear about Malcome returning. Whether he stays after this year or not, leaving in the middle of the season is bad mojo. If I was a coach I would not want a kid who quit in midseason because it seems like an ego issue.
  6. Everybody has known for a long time that there was a good reason Auburn and Alabama recruit so well in Georgia. The NCAA won't find anything enforceable here, just like they haven't found anything enforceable at Auburn despite all the damning testimony from former coaches players, professors, parents, etc.. Those are cultures built around this sort of activity and they know that without a specific paper trail the investigation rarely goes anywhere. And when the cheating gets obviously rewarded with on field success, it will only happen more often.
  7. He's not an offensive coordinator, plain and simple; way over his head at this level. He doesn't know how to win a game with offensive firepower. Georgia has wasted a hundred plus million dollars worth of NFL talent on Bobo's watch.
  8. I respect Mark Richt, but I support Georgia football. Time for a change.
  9. Hope springs eternal, but when we're reaching for moral victories against Boise State and South Carolina, you know we've reached a low place. Too many coaching errors for too long. Bad clock management, bad game decisions, bad play calling, bad execution, bad mental preparedness, bad coaching hires, bad recruiting management. It's time for a change and I hope it happens in about three months. Mark Richt is a good man and I hope he has a good career somewhere else. First time I've said that, but that's how I feel.
  10. I agree. Our next coaching staff has something to work with if we can sign any recruits this year.
  11. The big issue for our defense is depth. Late in game and late in the season, we may have trouble.
  12. Murray got hit pretty hard in the head on one scramble already today.
  13. I'm happy for Rambo. He needed something positive.
  14. Yeah, that cutback against the grain was classic Moreno. Not sure why Caleb never did it.
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