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  1. Just a split second longer on release and touch down. Great catch.
  2. Ramon, I'm with you but don't say slightly better for sake of argument. I have never heard anyone talk about Brees' "arm strength". They are the same in that regard, Brees just has more experience and better timing on deep balls. Ryan throws the seam and slant very good as well. Saints will reload, no doubt. Their running game may or may not improve...their o line has to improve first in run blocking schemes. I think that's why we brought Rodgers in to replace Norwood.
  3. I see same arm strength, I see same smarts and I see a better team here in 2011 than in New Orleans. Let's not forget that Redman almost beat them in 2009 in the Georgia Dome. Not saying Brees is on some obscene decline, but homeboy threw out a lot of INT's last year and he's got 6 years on Ryan. I respect Brees, a lot. He is an awesome QB, just saying think Ryan could surpass him this year.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Think Ryan has a chance to get there. We could be watching something special with this team for years to come. Now gotta get the D figured out to help the offense, offense to me is locked down for 2011, if there is a 2011. This would be so detrimental if Ryan isn't able to get out there in his 4th season with this team.
  5. Brees=Old Ryan=Young Record Saints 2010 Record Falcon 2010 Brees' stats 2010 Ryan's stats 2010 Brees' team for 2011 Ryan's team for 2011 Ryan's success through first three seasons= 2 playoff appearances Brees' success through first three seasons.
  6. Ramon...Freeman is not close to Ryan, he can't beat him. Ryan missed 2 and 3/4 games his second year. If youre going to throw that out, Freeman's rookie year was no where near Ryan's. I said who's to say Ryan is not passing Brees at this point.
  7. Also who's to say Ryan isn't surpassing Brees at this point??
  8. Shaub zero playoff success. Freeman zero playoff success and has never beaten Ryan, ever. Romo minor playoff success with one of the biggest chokes in history and awesome talent offensively. Flacco very good playoff success, but what does that mean really? Flacco's team offensive and especially defensively has been far superior to our's. Still no Superbowl. If you're saying that Freeman, Romo, Flacco are in the same league as Ryan, you're wrong. Shaub is available for comparison.
  9. You're right, forgot you were the expert on these topics. Read the link below...and stop bringing up the name Pennington. We all see where you are going with this and thanks for repeating a lot of things I said in original post, or did you even read? No where near the top QB's, he's top 7. He's a probowler who is already putting up better stats than any other Falcons QB in history through 3 seasons. Here's your link. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/draft08/columns/story?columnist=wickersham_seth&id=3301140
  10. I think Jones will give Ryan more opportunities which in turn give Roddy more opportunities. I expect to see a good amount of what we did last year in more spread sets (3 receivers) with the deep ball coming into play. Ryan ain't scared to throw it.
  11. You know a nurse named Jane Downs? Sorry to hear about your health, hope your well or getting there.
  12. Like these too: "Oh sure, the draft's premier quarterback passed well -- or at least accurately. Most of his spirals were lumpy, especially when the righty threw to his left. But only one of the 52 passes wasn't catchable, and most in attendance liked Ryan's arm strength and speed. Not that it mattered." "Vikings GM Rick Spielman said that Ryan "moves around better than people think," and that "his arm strength is plenty good enough." "The scouts really wanted to see how Ryan handled the day, not just how he threw. How a college quarterback transitions into an NFL one is almost as important a
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