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  1. I certainly have to agree with this.
  2. Sorry for this post guys. I was irate and really needed to vent.
  3. I was a bench warmer and it was a long time ago. However, I do understand being in football shape though. I sat on the front row at the Georgia Dome and was always amazed at what happens when the ball is snapped. It's mind blowing how so many huge bodies move so suddenly. I probably doesn't help players that are not in game shape to run your first two drives in tempo.
  4. Putting a perennial loser on the field doesn't show any care about his fans to me.
  5. When you're gassed you make mistakes. I think physical conditioning is responsible for todays debacle from every angle. The offense looked really good on the first two drives. By the end of the game it looked like the offensive line was just falling down.
  6. The entire team looked exhausted as early as the second quarter. Is this the responsibility of the individual or the team/coaches?
  7. It's obvious they were all gassed in the second quarter. Do our players not have enough respect for this city to at least get themselves into game shape?
  8. You know, you are absolutely right. Why would we expect anything else?
  9. I count the preseason, they keep score don't they?
  10. I expect to hear the same old excuses this week. Will this misery ever end?
  11. Can we schedule some girls colleges? Maybe we wouldn't look quite so pitiful.
  12. Been needing an offensive line since 1966. Unfixable.
  13. I've been a fan since the first regular season game of 1966. The haven't cleaned up anything yet.
  14. The defense was terrible but at least the offense wasn't all that good.
  15. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
  16. Kinda thought we'd have heard something.
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