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  1. Funniest thing I've ever heard.
  2. Matt Wile was signed to the practice squad, insurance policy.
  3. Does anyone know how he hurt it to begin with?
  4. Has anyone heard any news on Bosher and his groin injury? He is a game changer. Flipping the field is a very big deal. We need this man healthy.
  5. When he cleared the first two defenders I shot up off my couch and screamed "Show us that speed". He did not disappoint.
  6. Is Dan Tanna's still at the CNN Center?
  7. My favorite team has an innate ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. My Atlanta Falcons (Washington Generals of the NFL).
  8. Without a doubt he was Hall of Game material. He played on a bad team that was ignored by the media, just like today. Lots of offensive players from their time called him better than Butkus. I believe he was just as good at the very least. I always enjoyed the way he destroyed pulling guards to get to the running backs on sweeps. He had that Luke Kuechly instinct to find the ball. He was physical and could run when he first got here. The speed declined with surgeries but even then he was a beast.
  9. Sorry young folks, without a doubt it's Tom Nobis.
  10. Yet it was the veteran free agent James Carpenter who played the worst.
  11. Way overdue. I wish he'd gone in before he passed. Great man who did things for others.
  12. Good thread, it's what I logon her for. Thanx.