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  1. Poor DLed, his mouth reminds me of a gatlin gun.
  2. These two guys are really good at answering questions without actually answering those questions.
  3. I wouldn't take Zach Wilson over Trevor Wilson but the two games I watched Zach Wilson were awesome. He was amazing, very live arm, very athletic. I wouldn't take Justin Fields until the mid rounds somewhere, you really need to read defenses in the NFL.
  4. Maybe he's learned since then but he couldn't read a defense to save his life when he was at Georgia. Have you been keepin' up with him?
  5. No, I know Luke Stocker's contract is up. He was more of a wide tackle than a tight end. Seems like they tried to throw to him a couple of times a game last year.
  6. He started out like gangbusters but didn't seem to develop. Wonder if a fresh coaching staff can bum him along?
  7. Maybe trade down a few spots. This guys is really good and could offset Julio's numbers when he's gone, really.
  8. Do TE's just not float ya' boat or do you think my info/questions is bogus?
  9. "Some team sources feel Pitts is the second-best player in the 2021 NFL Draft" - Walterfootball.com WalterFootball.com: 2021 NFL Draft: TE Rankings
  10. I have heard/read from several sources that Coach Arthur Smith uses two tight ends often. My son has been watching the Tennessee Titans games from last year. He says both of the tight ends in this offense have to be able to run routes. The Titans have two free agent tight ends in MyCole Pruitt (29yo, $2.5M last year) or Jonnu Smith (26yo, $776,572). My Son seems to think Smith will need to get paid. Could one of them fill a need for us? Also, I know we are going to draft BPA and not need based (wink) but most people have Kyle Pitts from Florida rated in the top ten. I absolutely can't wai
  11. I sure hope so, he's ready to play on every down.
  12. Just remember GM Terry Fontenot has stated several times we will draft BPA exclusively. I am so curious to see.
  13. All the mocks on this site are definitely needs based. GM Fontenot has said "We will draft BPA and not needs based". It's what I do as well because it's what I'm used with TommyD. This draft will be very interesting. I can't wait because I have no idea what to expect.
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