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  1. I wonder if Kenjon Barner can play the gunner spot vacated by Bethel on coverage teams?
  2. Looks like Logan Paulsen will be the blocking Tight End. Luke Stocker has previously played some fullback so he will probably fill that role no more than we use one, more like an H-back. Let's get that run game going.
  3. Does anyone know if Kenjon Barner can play the gunner position on cover teams?
  4. Thanks Tevin Coleman, fare well with the forty niners.
  5. Just remember, everyone has a highlights film. For some reason no one has a lowlights film.
  6. I've asked the question on several media and have not gotten an answer. Guess we're gonna just have to wait and see.
  7. Maybe a running back with one of the fours or fives.
  8. Are we sure this scheme will continue?
  9. Hopefully just an insurance policy in case our high drafted offensive linemen this year don't pan out. OK, I know, wishful thing on my part.
  10. It's like they refuse to expend money or high draft choices on offensive linemen. They have over paid for mid tier free agent linemen of late. They have also drafted mid to late round choices in hopes of coaching them up. It hasn't worked. Is it true the definition of insane is someone doing the same thing over and over and hoping the outcome will change? I remember a while back the New York Giants drafted a guard and tackle in the first two round. They came right back the next year and did the same thing. I thought they had lost their minds. However, the following year they won the super bowl. Hhhhmmmm!?!?!
  11. I think it at least gives us a better roster going into the draft. If we have stopgap players on the roster it will let us lean more towards BPA in lieu of reaching for a need.
  12. Guess we can take the offensive linemen out of this equation now that we signed two guards. Looks like dline in the draft.
  13. Especially Trufant.
  14. Thank You Matt Ryan for providing us with some cap relief. Thank you Matt Ryan for being a team leader and showing some of our other players how to behave and how to provide our team a championship. Now, let's see if they can take that example and be a team player.
  15. I guess I didn't consider him. Could he be a starter?