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  1. My friends and I were at the Falcons hotel that night. Over half the team was up all night. Dan Reeves told me a couple of years later that he was up trying to keep Robinson's wife from killing him.
  2. Guess this means no one actually knows how to pronounce his last name.
  3. Could the new coaching staff make the players we currently have successful?
  4. Someone explain how we can have a first round draft choice at every offensive line position and can't run the ball for squat. Tom D sure didn't know an offensive lineman when he saw one.
  5. is playing pretty well. Now, my question, are the announcers saying his last name correctly?
  6. He's been on the inactive list most games.
  7. I think you're right my friend.
  8. Today was what I envisioned for the Falcons from game one. I liked Dan Quinn and think he's a really good man. I don't know if he was quite dynamic enough. The NFL changes quickly and you have to change with it.
  9. Ryan had more leeway today but the execution was lots better today.
  10. Different defensive scheme for the most part. There was lots more man coverage, even some press. We blitzed a little and very seldom dropped into deep zones.
  11. Definitely saw more aggressive coverages today. I even pointed out to my son we were even on occasion running some press.
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