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  1. Are you kidding? He is already. He actually plays on third down. I never see him on the sidelines laughing while the rest of the team is playing.
  2. I think he's just what we need. He doesn't have blazing speed but he has good vision and gets to the hole fairly quick. If our offensive line is improved he should be just fine. I think we're looking at 4 or 6 yards per carry. I don't think we'll see him run up the back of an offensive lineman and get nothing like last years backs.
  3. I am still a Julio Jones fan and will always be. I certainly didn't intend my post to sound like hate.
  4. I think he's closer to Ray Lewis who is referred to as his Uncle.
  5. I'm no expert but I think what's why we signed Cordarrell Patterson. Well, that and return duty.
  6. Preferably corners? This is a spinoff thread "We Should Add A Couple Defensive Linemen" but FalconFanSince1970".
  7. Are you absolutely sure? I would be delighted.
  8. I just know what I have seen. He takes himself out of the game on 3rd downs when he's needed the most. He doesn't even play when he has a hang nail. He very well could have been the greatest wide receiver of all time but he's lazy and can't cope with losing.
  9. I watched last years game and this is what I saw. Quick timing patterns, motion, play action. They had a lot of motion mostly by the tight ends.
  10. That is what I saw going back and watching the Tennessee Titans games last year. We are in great shape with Hayden Hurst and Kyle Pitts.
  11. I don't think the money'll be there. We still have to account for all the guaranteed money for Julio. We can probably just about sign all our draft choices.
  12. Do you really rank someone number three that quit on his football team three years ago?
  13. If you'll go back and watch some Tennessee Titans film from last year you will see a lot of passes going to the two tight ends on the field. We're definitely ready for that with Hurst and Pitts.
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