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  1. Disney use to be really dark dramatically. Bambi, Night on Witch Mountain, they use to not be afraid to mess with a kids head. Now, they only seem to do that to little girls and their sexuality.
  2. Can you have an over/under on something inevitable? That would be like having an over under on taking a breath.
  3. He certainly could tear up a Hammond B5 organ, but I'm not sure that would translate to the football field.
  4. I can see that. I guess it's all dependent on what your definition of "underground" is. I also listen to alot of very obscure stuff, so I think for me I consider it underground if the group gets none to very little mainstream exposure. You're right though, it's all relative. I will point out though that Ben Folds does have a song called "Underground". Odd, I am also 34 and listen to very obscure music. You're not my doppleganger are you?
  5. I wouldn't say he's mainstream though. I'd put him a category like Phish. Yes, there a ton of people who know of him, but there are just as many, if not more, that have no idea who he is. Also, most people know him from the Ben Folds Five days, not from his newer stuff.
  6. Yeah, I have friends who I point this out to, and they always respond "Yeah, I understand that, but I'm very careful with what I put on there." That's great, but if you put any pictures of yourself, it's not hard to figure out where you are, and if you detail your day to day activities, that's even worse. Yes, I know the accounts are supposed to be locked, but it isn't that hard to hack an account.
  7. I'd be concerned with any dude that spent almost $1,000,000 on jewelry to begin with. Is he trying to be the modern Liz Taylor?
  8. I don't use Facebook. It's more cause I see it as a massive security issue than a waste of time (though that applies to). I have no problem if other's want to use it, but I really wish people had a better concept of IT security, and security in general before they put their entire lives on it.
  9. Does anyone know what percentage of operating costs a large corp gets to write off it's taxes? My wife is thinking of starting her own business. She was reading up on it the other day, and saw something that said she could write off the cost of a 2nd phone line, the cost of electricity (for our entire house), and the cost in square footage of her office in our house. Seems illegal to me, but I was more interested if these sort of benefits apply to large corps as well as small home run businesses. If so, then that 35% tax rate really isn't a valid indicator of what a corporation pays in taxes. Not to mention all the other loop holes we don't know about.
  10. Part of the problem with the earlier threads, is that people define music differently. If music is just arrangement of sound, then yes, it's all music. If music is thoughtfully arranged sounds, then no, it isn't all in music. To me it all comes down to intent. Since this thread was originally about music that isn't mainstream, I will provide you with the best artist to come out in the last two decades, who few people know about.
  11. I would have liked to see more info on this. That's great they have a program to help people get the drug if they need it. I'd like to know if that program adds an 18% interest or some such thing to the price tag. I agree with the last part. I biggest problem with health care cost in this country is the cost of goods. I'm also curious as to how jacking the price up like this is going to affect mothers that could have adverse side affects from premature births or early term miscarriages. My wife has had one of those, and it's absolutely awful. I was shocked as to how much she physically suffered from it. I actually didn't know this drug even existed. Would have been good to know earlier.
  12. LOL! I hadn't even thought of that, but you do make a good point. If he can survive another year or so till it becomes flag football, we should be set.
  13. Yeah, but that would mean one less commercial break.
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