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  1. 1) He’s a jerk. 2) Don’t we get a compensatory 3rd or 4th round picks if we kept him this year and he signs with another team next year? Would be better that a 5th & 6th round picks.
  2. I'm a Falcons fan who lives in AZ. People here kept telling me that this was from the year PP had an undiagnosed diabetes. In all honesty, PP sucked that year but to his credit he played lights out since he was diagnosed and treated for it.
  3. Who gives a flying f*** about those stats... where do you cash them?? All I care about is get us in the playoffs and win a superbowl, other than that is worthless.. What records does Russel Wilson hold??? Nada, but he’s got a ring!! And all Seahawks fan can brag about that.. no one care about 4000 frecking yards streak.. these are for losers..
  4. A cursed team is a one that makes it to the SB 4 years straight and lose them all.. hold ur horses u only made the SB twice.. you’re just inexperienced..
  5. You have a divisional game next week, win it first then go talk about how the team match up with the vikings.. what?! U think the Bucs game is a gimme?!!!! I’m pretty sure they will raise ****.. and we better be ready for it.. you are overlooking ur next opponent as if your team is 10-0... they ****in lost to the bills, dolphins and the panties.. all weak-as$ teams... just because we beat two good teams that lost several important starters doesn’t make us all the sudden that great of a team to overlook ur opponents..
  6. There is nothing quite about his performance tonight. It could be quite for thise who hasn’t watched the game and based their opinion based on mere statistics.. Though, clever ones would see the 9/13 3rd down conversions a glaring stat to give matt props for. Had Matt and the receiving corp played like tonight all season we would be easily 9-1. I’ll take any game the Falcons score 28+ points.. this is always a recipe for a win..
  7. Whi gives a flying fu*k about meaningless stats!!!! Like even Matt Ryan knew about it!!! Wake up ppl!!! Fu*k all the stats.. they are for losers who look for consolidatary prize.. all u should care about is winning, making the playoffs, and ghen winning the superbowl, anything short of that is a disappointment.. now, tmrw and fifty hundred years from now!!
  8. I was feeling the same way, but now thinking about it, Seattle would have been kicking for the game winning field goal ==> less pressure on the kicker ==> I and you would have been the first to raise **** on the coaching staff... If you didn't destroy your TV when the Falcons kicked the field goal means deep down inside, you felt at least this was an OK decision.. REFLECT!
  9. I live in Chandler.. Wanna make use of the expensive Sunday Ticket I purchased lol .. but down to make it to a couple of these gatherings... Can we find a sports bar that turn the volume to the Falcons game, if we have enough people?
  10. Kicking the FG was the right decision for the following: 1) The offense wasn't playing well and conversion would have been a low probability. 2) You're playing against a team that is not offensively scary.. if it was patriots, green bay, etc you might wanna consider going for it. 3) Scoring the FG meant we would only need a FG to win the game had the Bears scored a TD early. We had 3 timeouts. The way the Bears drive transpired, (didn't reach the red zone until less than 30 seconds left), didn't warrant the use of timeouts and the HC must've decided to rely on the D to close the game.
  11. That's what makes them very dangerous. Being in a weak division, it's always guaranteed they win their division and have a playoff bye week. They play the entire regular season as a setup to the post season. Did you know for example in their last game versus the steelers they ran a 4-WR formation 19 times when they had run the same formation only TEN times during the ENTIRE regular season!!!! I'm not talking about a play here and there!! it's a whole frecking formation! I'm 100% BB had plans for the SB way back in April. What you see from the Patriots in the regular season is not gonna be anything close to what we will see in the SB.
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