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  1. I don't remember the last time we blocked a punk r field goal
  2. Smells like a blow out I had high hopes for this defense but its slowly fading
  3. I jus read that Jackson is a go...(rather quizz keep starting)...Roddy out and so is snelling what is his injury?
  4. I see these receivers playing like they wanna be here
  5. But it seems like bartu is playing like he should b a starter
  6. I read somewhere that dunta restructured his contract to give us no cap room
  7. I want us to dominant this game bad I want Roddy to shine Julio to get atleast half of Wat needs for. a 1000 yrd season an Tony to break a 1000 he's like 180 away I think would be awesome
  8. Boy if this is bad Ryan imagine when we get good Ryan he's gonna really show up an show out
  9. Some of the topics after a loss are crazy I know but I'm wit u on this one
  10. I know right I guess everything he's done up to this point in his career is only because defenses have been loading tha box against us every play for 4 years gtfo Ryan is alright wit me maybe the 2nd best qB to ever put on the red and black imagine where this franchise would be without him turner can't do it alone
  11. LOL the man plays maybe his best 3 and a half weeks since he been here and has maybe 2 bad plays in a game an the cut him threads start all over again after a tough loss tha town folk start to light tha torches again
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