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  1. Oliver would look a lot better if he didnt have to stay on the field longer than he had to because of all the ******** penalties we commit
  2. You b!tches are worse than even twitter or reddit. Doom and gloom week 1 because your idyllic dream start didnt happen.
  3. Garland and Wes played outstanding today, exemplified in them getting so far as getting downfield to make key blocks on the TeCO TD. I think anyone and everyone carrying the rock today would have had success.
  4. fair enough my man the schadenfreude-ist in me is with you all the way except for the saints. I'd rather everyone stroke the rams one more week than the talk of the stains winning in our house for the next month.
  5. theres no way youre glad that the saints were the one to do it. no ******* way.
  6. I'm wondering how, after seeing all the questionable unsportsmanlike penalties all year, that the Saints get away with running in the face of their opponent on ST and Defense to take an onfield selfie with no repercussion?
  7. Of course its not. Take what im saying in the context of the medium dude. FFS
  8. We call for mods because this board, especially on game day, is constantly over saturated with threads devoted to one talking point because everyone with a 20 post count thinks their opinion on a universal take deserves a thread. This place is ****.
  9. This is why I frequent Reddit over this garbage. We put up 38 points on a top 5 defense in their house and we get garbage threads from nobodyies spouting no-nothing football bs and it gets a thread because this place is understaffed on mods who give a ****.