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  1. ****, you really did.
  2. Oh 100%. R/nfl is about making the correct edgy comment at the right moment to get the most karma.
  3. AFMB is worse than reddit, facts.
  4. Lmao ive lurked long enough to know SaintRay and the few other rival central aints vets are actually good dudes that have great banter. This board takes itself way too seriously. Good luck you swamp rats.
  5. He wont serve any time and will be available at the start of the season.
  6. Manuel needs to step up. Quinn had to burn his timeouts because we were poorly matched, specifically having Vic 1on1 out wide before that last timeout.
  7. Quinn doesnt call the defense.
  8. I'm pissed too dude. I really wanted GA to win. The entire state deserved it.
  9. Oo oh you lost a national championship in overtime because of an errant offside call dilly dilly
  10. Yea, **** literally all of your opinions. Between the NCAA and NFL, the major American sports leagues are masquerading as glorified WWE franchises. I've moved from Spain to Atlanta then Chicago with every attempt to culturally assimilate via sports along the way. World football(soccer) always has been, currently remains, and forever will be the best game in the world. the majority of your sports entertainment iz forever in the hands unelected officials. No wonder why NFL europe failed horrifically.
  11. That was not offside.
  12. Hip hop/ rap fan or not, If you dont appreciate Kendrick Lamar then you dont appreciate modern artistry.
  13. The uglier the game, the better our chances.
  14. I think hes talking about Myles
  15. You weren't honestly hanging all of your hopes on Levitre's availability were you?