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  1. Thank ******* god Atl got the 3. Cant stand Orlando fans to begin with but those tifos had me feeling some type of way. Orlando is conquered.
  2. Shouldve gotten someone up 18 pitches ago, it was obvious by then Johnson was throwing another sh!tter
  3. I said they all wont go in the same class, but they played in the same time period against each other, so what Ryan has accomplished in the sum of his career will be compared to that of the QBs of his time. HOF candidates are compared to their contemporaries for relatvity and the already inducted greats of their position because the standard has been set. And the difference in era doesnt help Ryan seeing as its become more pass happy. Yes of course numbers matter big time, I agree, I just think the culmination of those stats being a trophy or two sets him apart. His numbers are pretty **** good on their own though.
  4. Julio is on track, his greatest threat is his own body not being able to keep up with him. Matt has the raw numbers that do/will put him in impressive company but hes hurt by his contemporaries, the guys with either multiple rings or a single ring with great numbers and personal accolades. They may not all get in and they wont be in his same class but Matt will be judged for playing in an era where Brady(the gold standard) Eli, and Big Ben won multiple rings, Brees and Rodgers put up numbers and won, and Flacco, the other first round qb in Matt's draft class, has won. Basically, I think he needs a ring.
  5. I still never really got an answer on how the OP can make a "reasonable" leap from Takk naming his dog a very odd name to equating it to drug abuse. I can understand why he may think the name is very odd but given that its the ONLY piece of evidence he has on Takk using drugs, it doesnt amount to significant evidence at all. Takk posts about his dog on his social media accounts; its public knowledge. The FO knows about it. I've been given little reason to not trust our FO, and even less reason to not trust Takk after taking in all already available information about him. The argument seems to be that because hes a black man from the hood naming his dog a peculiar name(no real evidence to support otherwise) he must be a drug addict. This **** is borderline if not out right racist.
  6. I think it's a reasonable deduction on your part to be somewhat alarmed by it; it's a very peculiar name(to say the least) to give to, well, anything other than the drug. I dont agree with everyone shrugging it off as absolutely nothing. In the OP you said you hope it doesnt turn into another Jamarcus Russell situation and what I'm wondering is how it would give you the Jamarcus Russell type of scare. While naming your dog Codeine is strange, Takk hasnt failed a drug test for codeine like Russell did after the 07 draft, hasnt been busted for anything as far as I know, and he obviously has the approval of the front office. If you care to elaborate a bit more(you may have done so already and I missed it) I'd like to know why you'd make that connection.
  7. exactly. dumb thread.
  8. cant be mad at that. solid deal
  9. What did we get in return?
  10. He won me over when he made his Atlanta debut wearing those sweet customized cleats on 9/11. This only further cements my opinion of him. Such a good dude that I'm proud to have represent this team. Sanu and Freeman are proof positive that the DQ/Dimi version of the "Falcon filter" work.
  11. The quality of play is already above the mls standard. I feel like im watching a diet la liga side; tiki taka futbol. Off the ball movement is savvy, link up play has been phenomenal, midfield has been creative and the finishing has been clinical for the most part. Martino has these boys on a promising path. I daresay United can compete in the CCL in 5 years or less.
  12. And Alex Jones LOVES you.
  13. If the Falcons participated in a fix in any way shape or form I would stop being a fan and dispose of all my memorabilia the very second I was provided with undeniable proof. They blew this game. Whether as a collective, as I believe, or as a result of one mans ego, they failed to execute. We had the superior talent and gameplan; you dont get a 28-3 lead thru 40 minutes of play otherwise. We failed to adjust. We got fatigued. Our inexperience led to less than optimal play calls that didnt result in our favor. What didnt happen, however, was Matt Ryan intentionally taking a sack. Matthews did not intentionally hold. Julio Jones didnt intentionally lay himself out for a catch that he consciously knew would ultimately lead to absolutely nothing. This game was not fixed. Accept it.
  14. By voting??? 26 of the 44 winners of the offensive player of the year award have also won the MVP.