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  1. Ryan was asking that of the refs as play was stopped to sort out the spot and time on the clock followng the review on the Hardy catch. This particular gif has nothing to do with Sark.
  2. Oh my god our fanbase with no exaggeration consists 75% of limp wristed beta male *******. We have 4 division games left and 2 conference losses. We just lost to a very strong team. Gtfo dude
  3. A push requires a forceful extension of the arm. Which is definitely not what happened.
  4. My father is a Vikings fan so by family obligations I've kept up with them. Their defense is legitimate. Everson Griffen, Anthony Barr, Eric Kendricks, and Linval Joseph are 4 good to great players among their front 7. Their secondary is good as well. Xavier Rhodes is one of the better corners in the league, Harrison Smith is one of the better safeties in the NFL. Trae Waynes isnt a stiff and Andrew Sendejo can lay a lick though hes no Keanu Neal. Terrence Newman and Marcus Sherels have played decent in their limited snaps. Overall this is easily one of the top defenses in the NFL.' Keenum has played well, and a healthy Diggs along with Thielen equates to one of the best WR duos in the NFL. They can make plays. We need to score 24-27+ to win this one.
  5. xs and os

    Thats true. We took care of Dak and Wilson is an enigma we probably wont see again for the rest of the year. I guess I'm still concerned about Cam. The one remaining game we have with Carolina could decide our playoff fate, and our containment is lacking. We can crap on Newton as a qb all day but as an athlete and runner he hurt us last game. I love Debo and Campbell but are they up to the task of limiting that?
  6. xs and os

    All this coming off of playing Cam Newton and Dak Prescott. We've had a history of struggling with mobile QBs even prior to Quinn's arrival. Open question to the board: did we scheme Wilson appropriately and just failed to execute or do we have a philosophical issue in dealing with mobile Qbs? The above gifs PMF provided leads me to believe were just a young defense making young men mistakes.
  7. You couldnt script this ****.
  8. Panthers fans maybe but I never have. I think this is addition by subtraction.
  9. Thats a creative way to put it I see what you mean. I guess what I mean to say is, Cam had a career year and theyve been effective without him. They arent any more or less threatening with or without him just because of how poor their play calling has been, imo. If nothing less, it frees up other guys to step up. They might find a diamond in the rough. They knew what they had in Benjamin, and it wasnt much.
  10. 32 475 yards and 2 tds in 8 games. Their OC is worse than ours. Targeting this guy or having him as the primary has been futile in the majority of games this season. Their offense as a whole is uncoordinated and not properly utilized. They dont need Benjamin. They need a new OC. edit: Hes been held to 4 catches or less and 0 tds with 65 yards max 6 times this year. Wouldnt call that producing. No one on that offense is really.
  11. Not that this is the same Panther team, it most certainly ISNT, nor is this the same Newton, it most definitely is NOT, but Carolina went 15-1 and Cam won MVP without him in 2015. They never needed him.
  12. You act like it requires more than 4 fingers and a thumb to send a tweet. Edit: I broke my left clavicle in 2 places playing baseball and had to get a titanium plate implanted. I still had adequate use of my left arm and hand. Since I'm a millenial I was still tweeting, posting fb statuses, and taking pics for Instagram. Im nowhere close to being as tough as a pro running back. No disrespect to you, I just don't think that's relevant.
  13. Yea because that's a primary indicator of...absolutely nothing. For context, the tweet was "Feels good to that W."
  14. Taking a look around the conference and you either haven't watched anyone but Atlanta or you're overestimating the overall quality.
  15. I have immense faith in this roster. I have wavering faith in our staff. I've bitched and moaned about Sark but Ryan has been as much to blame with his poor footwork, off tilt shoulders and panicky decision making. He's a rhythm and timing QB, neither of which he's established with his receivers. I doubt this staff's ability to adjust on the fly and modify gameplans. We've been a poor second half team and even worse in the fourth for a few years now. I believe we can turn around but if nonthingless we need to address how we approach our game after halftime.