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  1. I just don't get it. I've been here through 2 board change overs and lost a few accounts. I have been around since before "What a day McCord", "TJ broke Lynch's ass", and all of the played out dumb jokes about Shiny McShine's pants.I just don't get it. I have been here almost daily since 2000-2002ish. I'm hardly a newb...
  2. Come on guys! The FBI couldn't even unlock the iphone from that one ISIS shooter from CA last year.
  3. No. JFK is dead. There was a second gunman though.. It was George Bush. George Bush also staged the moon landing with his son who would go on to become a famous director.. Oliver Stone.
  4. I'm not nervous. I have been a diehard fan since 1991 (unofficially since 1977) and have lived through all of that BS. Come on man! My problem is with all of the people saying "let free walk" calling him "shellfish" (remember that lol), and attacking his character acting like these tabloid articles are the gospel.
  5. I can't believe how many people on here are falling for this media bs. It is TMZ tabloid week. The week of the sensationalized story. I know this is TATF and there are a lot of chicken littles on here, but the 9 page thread of people bashing freeman is just stupid! Look at who wrote the freaking article. Come on people! You are smarter than that. Do you really think this really played out as the article says? Just watch Free's interview with Marshall Faulk from yesterday. Get off his back and stop crucifing the man over a twisted tabloid piece.. In other news.. Elvis and Tupac are alive and are living in a secret government facility on mars.
  6. Are you guys really this stupid? Flaming Free and his agent because of another Michael Silver sensationalized garbage story? This guy is pure flamebait! Read any of his stories. Sheesh! Read the fluff piece he wrote on Russell Wilson after our reg season game! You are all falling for this crap. Move on. Jeeezzz!!
  7. Regular season stats mean absolutely nothing. Especially that early in the season. I know it is fun to make these comparisons, but it honestly doesn't tell us anything. We just have to put Brady on his A$$ early and often and do what we do on offense.
  8. She went to school with my little brother at Fayette co HS
  9. I can't get in my account. I've been a member of this site for 8+ years.

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      New username. Member since 2001.. Well before the change to the new boards.