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  1. Correct sir. Why does Mike Smith perfer Owens over, Walls & Franks?
  2. It reminds me of the Saints loss to Max Hall. Ah yes, good times. lol
  3. From here on out, we have to bring the heat for 60 mintues with no let up. I just hope after the bye, we don't go back to playing too much soft coverage.
  4. Exactly. The Saints just tried to make a statement which they did. Reguardless of the Colts being 0-7, You suppose to make a team look bad as their record indicates if your that good. Our team has to go out there, and play aggressive 60 minutes with no let up which I must say they did against the Lions. But here's the point, we don't suppose to make a horrible Seachickens team look like they where never out of a game the whole time. We have to put our foot on their throat, and keep it there. We have to let the rest of the NFL know we mean business.
  5. I'm glad you mention Grimes. Remember the haters saying....I don't like the match-up with Grimes and Megatron. Well Grimes held his own yesterday. Proving once again, he can take care of himself on the field. F*ck the height and being out matched, dude is a baller.
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