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  1. Yes, it was coached out of him to crumble under pressure, under throw deep balls, fumble snaps in critical situations, choke during big games that matter. That's what coaches do, they practice those habits until its instinctive. Mike smith has one of the best "play scared in the pocket" drill in the league.
  2. 5 picks for a WR is a travesty. Hilarious. TD boasting about retention is even more hilarious. Worst GM in football due to his over inflated sense of self. Anyone who doesn't see it is blind.
  3. Failcants are by far the worst team to watch, bore epically watching lame duck noodle boy.
  4. The situation was more crazy than anything. Only a lefty could hit that, it's a hook lie into a green that slopes right to left. Any left to right shot would plow into the right to left green and stop whic is exactly what happened. Great shot given circumstances but bubba can hit that with his eyes closed. Dude shapes everything, the double eagle was wayyyyyy more impressive.
  5. BASE SALARY S. BONUS MISC. BONUS CAP HIT 2012 1,500,000 750,000 2,156,000 4,406,000 2013 3,250,000 750,000 2,156,000 6,156,000 2014 3,250,000 750,000 2,156,000 6,156,000 2015 UFA Yeah, JA sniffed around and saw interest from roughly 2 teams that offered an old injured DE short money. He decided to stay for the same $$ in Atl because it was the easy decision with all money being equal. Everyone saw the game his agent was playing once FA started right? They were demanding $13m per year. Let's not pretend that he stayed in Atlanta because he loved the city or because of a kid he brought
  6. If anyone on here thinks the quotes from Blank are a glowing confidence in Noodles abilities they are insane. This is Blank, in the nicest way possible, telling Noodlethe pressure is on. Time to put up or shut up. Honeymoon is over.
  7. Wait, the list who has noodle ryan on top also has..... Christian Ponder's BS rating above Matt Stafford AND Matt Schaub. Noodle is a joke, you know, everyone knows it.
  8. And no TD's one of like two dudes on that list without a TD
  9. MM is handcuffed by a slow, long wind up, flat footed, weak arm, weak mental noodle boy. It's not MM, it's noodle boy.
  10. Uh, Cam threw for 423 vs the Packers at home. Noodle threw for a 168 with more weapons and a comfy dome. I mean at some point you homers have to admit that this team has one out of their way to surround noodle with good talent. Stop blaming MM, he only can work with what he has. Has noodle ever even come close to a 400 yrd game? And even though the game this past sunday was a 1 score game throughout the 2nd half it felt like a 4 TD lead with how impotent noodle was. Cam is head and shoulders better than noodle. It's not noodles fault, he's just a slow wind-up, weak physically, weak arm, soft m
  11. Sorry, every drop back or run the falcons hold. It's obvious to all but the officials who have private time with McKay.
  12. Tremendous difference. The Bucs are the youngest team in the league with almost $30M in cap space. The Falcons are old with no draft picks and no cap space. Your time was last year, that was the prime spot to make a run and you failed because you blow hard. Your QB is marginal and you're stuck with him for years
  13. Sad that homers continue to blame the OC. So what, this team is supposed to become an all the time no huddle offense negating a very good RB and putting the ball in the hands of a QB who is not great at anything other than Trent Dilfer style play? That's intelligent, lets blame everyone but the QB. That seems to be the norm here
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