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  1. Not really, this was a completely different team under MS. Those teams couldn't stop anyone but they were discipline, well coached and aware of game situations. We just couldn't make the stop when we needed or get the QB on the ground. Of we had the ball last Ryan was gonna go NH March down the field and win the game. If theu had the ball last the defense was gonna lose the game. This current team has no discipline, is poorly coached, unaware and has no fight in them. We need a coach thats a football coach not a buddy buddy let's hold hands type of guy. Smitty changed after his heart attack an
  2. Smitty had 11 starters on IR and we still fired him. No More Excuses
  3. The issue here is the entire staff, no one on this staff can steer the ship.DQ had been allowed to put too much of his imprint on this franchise for ANYONE to come in here and win this year, no player,no coach. Weve given up 1,000 yards and 10 TDs in 2 games. We have to install a whole new culture and get rid of these 2nd rate players DQ been piling up the last 6 years
  4. He's gun shy cause of how he handled Smitty. DQ is probably gonna make it through the season
  5. Doesn't matter who we sign this coaching staffs incompetence is hard to overcome
  6. DQ was never NFL HC material. He'd be good in college but his philosophy was never going to work. He gave all the wrong answers at his first presser and his technique weren't going to lead to success. He was hired incorrectly, giving way too much power and had no idea what he was doing. The more he influenced our roster and staff the worst the franchise became. If we drop DQ now we maybe able to rebound but we could be looking at a rebuild which will take a few years
  7. Yea I hate the Swamp Rats more then anything but the Cowgirls are 1B. There's no excuse for this lost, none at all. I know I've been critical of Quinn but this right here takes the cake for me, I'm so done I'm seriously thinking of not even watching the rest of the season. We should beat the bears but the whole 2020 feels like a wash
  8. I think blank is gun shy, he mishandled the MV7 situation which in turn led him to mishandle the Smitty situation, now his mishandling the DQ situation Dammed if you do dammed if you don't
  9. TD isn't the problem, this team has nothing to do with TD. All the blame falls on DQ shoulders
  10. yall thought hat tipping was bad, DQ doing curtsies 😂😂😂
  11. Matt Ryan is gonna.put up MVP numbers.for the 3rd year in a row
  12. I allowed my Fandom to temporarily blind me from the reality of this coaching staff and my emotions took over. This team is so poorly coached its ridiculous. We called a time our before the onside it hit the ground at 5 yards and rolled past 4 ppl and the cowboys fell on it. WTH did DQ tell them in the huddle before the kick. This is probably the most embarrassing lost in our history.
  13. **** Dan Quinn I told yall he wasnt **** from day 1 **** this ****
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