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  1. as the season progresses more teams will cover Roddy with 2 men and implement plays to keep the ball outta his hands and force others to make plays, so more passes will go to Douglas, Finneran, Jenkins, and Gonzo. mainly Finneran and Douglas will get alot more passes thrown their way late this year. Roddy is on track to reach 100 rec. but it may be off a little i predict 98-103 but he should get around 20 TD
  2. what the freak is a 'false record' its wins and loses not "maybe" or should've played better/scored more points that's in college we're #1 cause we won the games to be number 1 point blank period.
  3. That is AWESOME can we put Dirty Birdz on it?
  4. I have purchased tickets like this from stubhub.com but the tickets i recieved this year are glossy with Roddy White on them for the monday night saints game they look legit but i would question front row tickets to monday night vs. the saints for $79.00
  5. If they wanna improve them dome they should install a retractable roof. That is the only thing every fan can agree upon, a retractable roof. once that's in place the can do other things to improve the fans experience. Bring more to falcons landing make it more interactive, put a super screen in the tailgate area, put a thick plastic border around the upper and mid sections for fans to bang on like a drum to increase crowd noise. Lower the prices on the nose bleed seats and add a family friendly sports bar type thing up there. you know with pictures and signed jerseys, video games HD flatscreen
  6. I think we only lose 4-5 this year. I always give home field to our division rivals reguardless of their record. so 1 to Tampa 1 to Carolina we travel to Philly to face Vick which will be an awesome game then that game is followed by CIN. then BAL. Those 3 back to back to back games will truly be a test I feel we can win all 3 but we may let 1 slip away. we only lost 2 at home last year NO/PHI and this year we can go undeafeated at home or let 1 game slip away so that gives us a record of 12-4/11-5 but I'm praying for 18-1 LEGGO FALCONS
  7. I love those uniforms good look we should've had these back in the 90's around Neon Deion's era
  8. We got Superbowl Quality team already but if i had to pick 1 impact player that would improve our team I would probably go with Devin Hester from Chicago Bears on ST to replace Norwood on kickoff/punt returns. I'd give up 1st. and 3rd. round pick and Norwood. I like Norwood but dude can't stay healthy.
  9. I'm not worried about the 49ers. Their new OC is the QB coach so there wont be that much of a difference. They will still run the same plays just with a little more passes and maybe a new play or 2, but we lead the league in INTs. and i think Smith will be wary of throwing to many passes. Dunta gonna crush anyone on his side who goes up to make a catch and BG20 gonna pick anything Smith believes he can sneak over his 5'10" fame to those big 6'1" receivers. If anything they should be worried about us scoring 49 points.
  10. Only reason i give Tampa Bay no.2 is because they are a young team with nothing to lose. They will be over looked by other teams and have a few upsets go there way this year, whereas the saints have a target on their backs and will be giving every ones best. The Bucs are 2-1 right now and tied for 2nd. place with the saints. Josh Freeman looks good and their rookie wide out Benn is like 6'2 220 fast with good hands he'll make alot of plays this year his not expected to coming off the bench
  11. Well Dayum Thanks Bro but you know what i meant lol
  12. I'm so glad we beat New Orleans at home. I've always felt we where the better team after drafting Ryan 3 seasons ago. Alot of the saints fans are here trying to congratulate us on the win, and say it was a good game which all is true, but they're followed by excuses. "If Reggie was in it would've been different or We gave ya'll that game ". I'm not accepting none of your half-hearted congrats. and weak hand shakes. When we played the saints last year in N.O. we had 8 of our starters out and it still was a close game, but when we said "If we had Ryan, and Turner in it'd be different". Your resp
  13. this guy is a aints fan posing as a falcons fan dont entertain his post
  14. Falcons will win this game in N.O. i doubt any falcons fans is driving to jacksonville to watch the eagles game if there are any michael vick fans at that game they will have a eagles jerseys or falcons jerseys maybe even a VT jersey on ,but that doesn't mean they came or live in atlanta they may live in jacksonville i dont listen to what these so called experts have to say about many games there are 2 teams you can only pick 1 just like any of us can do. thats a 50/50 chance of being correct. Saints been struggling since opening game. The barely won against a Brett Farve with 3 days practice
  15. Actually 'WHO DAT' is a phrase jazz musicians used in the late 1930's. You're correct about the Saints using it in the 80's (right around the time they wore paper bags on their heads).You had no reason to chant "Who Dat" Bum Phillips was the Head Coach and Saints went 8-8 the best season in history at the time. That was 1983, on the other hand the phrase 'Who Dey say they gone beat them Bengals' was chanted thru-out River Front stadium in 1981 when the Bengals was on their way to SuperBowl XVI to be cut down by Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Please do YOUR research before you open your mouth caus
  16. Dave Atlanta,Ga Any Defensive Player Do you guys put "bounties" on opposing quarterbacks before the game (for example) $100 for each sack on Drew Brees, $25 for a knockdown, $100 for int. so on and so on. If not will you accept my money to knock Drew Brees around.
  17. ummmmmmmm........dude........i was TOM BRADY and freaking RANDY MOSS......TOM BRADY (pause)aaaaand.... RANDY MOSS
  18. WTF do you mean.... SAINTS SUX i dont care if they won the super bowl or not. If your a true Falcons fans the sight of black and gold will make you puke.YES they got lucky, we should've beaten them TWICE last season.We beat ourselves, the ref's gave them the Cards and Vikings game. Saints should've went 9-7 last year and we should've won the division. This year will be different Falcons gonna win the division and Saints WILL finish below .500 specially with Brees on the Madden 11 cover (I predict torn/separated shoulder) You must be new to the whole FALCONS/SAINTS rivalry.Do you know how bad t
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