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  1. Good post I think Hayden, Snelling and Weems stays Redman retires Tony gives us one more year if we win a playoff game we will also sign more then 1 "big name" FA depending who's out there
  2. FALCONS, KC, 49ers Easy money I made $360 last night off LSU, UH, UGA, Oregan, Wis my bet was $20 ATL KC and SF is the best bets for today
  3. Actually the madden curse says who ever is on the cover will have an injury and/or a bad season. Brees got injured and had a bad year. The only person to escape the madden curse was farve. He was on the cover as a packers but was traded to the Jets and the Packers got the injury bug bad that year and went like 6-10 the next year Farve got injured was a Viking so he didn't really escape. His entire career took a nose dive
  4. Me and you man C'mon you know we can do it I'll even help packup BVG stuff
  5. I think Quizz has a better chance Sunday if he catches a screen pass Colts haven't defended the screen good this year plus I think they'll be keyed in on JJ and sleeping on Quizz but the fade route to JJ would probably get me in trouble too when we score a big play or great catch I jump up yelling and my dogs go crazy too
  6. With Ovie out for the season Snelling will play at FB giving Quizz a lot of playing time and JJ coming back from injury who scores first on Sunday will either one score I think they both get their first TD what you guys think who scores first and when
  7. No not true you can't think for me and tell me Wat I would say. I don't know why i even entertain a lot of you guys its like talking to the wall. Ppl don't go off the facts they make assumptions with their hearts and run wit it. You were probably a vick fan who think we need him back. You say we played 4/7 teams but lost to TB but u didn't mention Ryan beat Phi and Det so according to you Ryan should be a top 5 QB right
  8. Well actually 3 of Ryan's INT weren't his fault, passes were bobbled and caught by the defender. Ryan had INT's that were dropped passes against GB and Det. 2 by Roddy 1 by Tony.On the other hand Sanchez is giving the ball away with over throws and rushed passes. Smith is looking good but then again look at who they have played look at their divison. Ryan has face all the "Best" teams already besides the saints and Texans, While Brees and Rodgers have had a calk walk of a season. Especially the Packers.
  9. all these guys ya'll are throwing out there have less 4th quarter comebacks game winning drives then Ryan. They may have more yards but they also have more INT's, and less wins
  10. It's simple we want the bucs to win for 5 reasons. 1. That would cause a 3 way tie for 1st place putting the saints last since the bucs would have the sweep. 2. Doesn't matter if they lose or win the week before we still gotta play them 3. Bucs have Hou. week 10 which should be a lost If we happen to lose to NO it would still be a 3 way tie for 1st. and a win would give us 1st place 4. In week 11 the saints have a bye TB goes to GB we get Ten. a win here would give us 2 game lead on 1st place 5. Saints won't make the playoffs
  11. I can tell u how to beat the saints........Blitz Brees from his left side and up the middle, play the LB's in the flat to prevent the screen passes. Sounds crazy but make Brees beat you with his arm he has thrown more INT then TD 2 yrs straight. Run the ball at Franklin he is old has lost a step and his knees are going I don't know why they even picked him and Ellis up........OH yea cause they couldn't stop the run. They still can't stop the run and have never been able to stop the run. They are like 24th-25th in the league defending the run and that's and improvement from last year.
  12. Stafford hasn't played a complete season yet and has about 5,000 yards and 40 TD in 21 games played over 3 years. Thats about 275 yds 2 TDs a game. He already has over 2,000 yds and 20 touchdowns this season. He's 2nd to Aaron Rodgers in TD passes by 1 TD thrown and will pass him on Sunday. I know he is funny looking but dude is a **** of a QB. It's not about 'UGA Love' it's about understanding the sport and the position you're talking about. True it is some ppl who cheer him cause of UGA but if you followed the sport on a wide range you'd see that Stafford is a bad dude on that field. Cam is
  13. Here is my list as the NFL stands today (in no particular order) Brees Rodgers Brady Big Ben Ryan Vick Rivers Hasselbeck Schaub Eli Eli is debatable with guys like Romo, Stafford, Freeman, Fitzpatrick, Cutler, Flacco, Sanchez, Smith
  14. He should be above Stafford, Eli shouldn't be last. Rivers should be on this list instead of Stafford
  15. The 1st rule says that "Flexing" Begins Sunday of Week 11 and the 3rd rule says Only Sunday afternoon games are subject to being moved into the Sunday night window We play Saints week 10 and on Monday night so the answer is clearly 'NO'
  16. He never said he was 'Better' then Ben. They both have different skill sets and Big Ben does have a better defense around him. Those two things he said are true.
  17. http://espn.go.com/blog/nfcsouth/post/_/id/20303/power-rankings-top-10-nfl-quarterbacks link
  18. Anyone who doesn't agree that Ryan is the best QB to wear an falcons jersey is stupid. It doesn't matter how many games he wins how many consecutive winning seasons we have these guys will find some fault in his game. The facts are their for everyone to read. Believe it or not everyone in the league has Ryan in the top 10 QB's in the NFL. Why were we picked by 3 different sources to make the Super Bowl this year if they didn't believe in Matt. If you think teams aren't afraid of him and don't game plan for him your an idiot. Did you guys see how happy Detroit got when he went down and how down
  19. So u think Andy gonna win 11+ games and make a playoff this year????????
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