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  1. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2020/passing_advanced.htm
  2. Good for him, I wasn't sure if he'd ever walk again let alone step foot on an NFL field and take an actual game snap. Much respect, enjoy your life away from football
  3. IIRC, Didn't Matt have the highest completion rate on deep throws last year?
  4. What if Matt had another MVP type season in year 2, we got to the NFCCG and lost cause the defense let the other team drive down the field and score in the final seconds as usual. Do we cut him and let the 3rd year rookie take over 🤔
  5. Happens every year at every position, at every spot we pick. There's always a "Once in a lifetime/Generational" player at a "position of need" that the whole board would sell their left sack to have and every year we pass on that player. 4 weeks into the NCAA season there's another dude ESPN says is better then the last dude, the highlight tapes get posted and the cycle repeats itself
  6. Then our pick becomes more valuable and we can trade for a bigger haul
  7. It's gonna be a sh**show either way it goes. Personally IDC who we take but at this moment QB is the least o our worries. I'd prefer to stick with Ryan build the defense and trying to go after Williams, Garcia or Manning when they become available in the next 2 years
  8. Just ask yourself what sense does it make to draft at QB at #4 and sit him on the bench for 2 years, only to have 1 season to decide if he gets a long term deal?
  9. IMO it's Lawrence. He has alot of the tools needed to be successful, he also has rare skills that only a few other NFL QB's had over time. I don't like how he goes thru his progression, he needs to scan the field better. I'm not a fan of how often he locks on 1 guy and forces balls into windows, those same windows won't be open in the NFL, everyone is fast and his arm isn't that strong. He also has a tall lanky frame, which won't be able to absorb the punishment he's gonna take. It's almost guaranteed he'll miss half a season minimum if he doesn't bulk out quick. Plus he's going to the Jags, I'm not sold on Urban Meyer, he's not going to be able to treat these men in the NFL they why he treats those kids in NCAA. With all that he still has a small chance to be an elite QB. The rest of the QB's really should go back to school TBH. They're all backups at this point
  10. Corner Back Defense End Linebacker Safety Guard Running Back Tight End
  11. Why would you spend the 4th pick on a player that's gonna sit on the bench 2-3 years is the real question. Nobody on this board should be that uneducated. If you think QB was this team biggest needs, you have no clue HOW to watch football. Biggest problem was coaching, now all we need is new corners, edge rusher, guard and running backs and we back in contention. Taking a QB at 4 does nothing but set us back another 2-3 years.
  12. Every year we go thru this exact same thing, still looking at the wrong stuff, listening to the wrong people, and then fighting about it.
  13. Pitts, Surtain, Sewell, Parsons in no particular order
  14. Much as people didn't want to admit it this teams downfall was DQ. Everyone now realizes this too be true. Another thing people don't want to admit or fail to realize is Matt Ryan is NOT the problem. This is real life not a video game. This isn't a copycat league where the wheel gets reinvented every off season. Drafting Justin Fields will have us picking in the top 5 the next 3 seasons. Trading for Watson cripples this franchise and takes us back 15 years. How TF Tampa Bay winning with Brady, N.O. with Brees, Indy with Rivers, Pitts with Big Ben, all these QBs who are older then Matt still have winning teams. None of the QBs in the draft or better then Ryan, there is no free agent QB better then Ryan. If you’re unable to support the team because YOU don't LIKE our QB then pick another team. Go bandwagon the Chiefs
  15. TLDR version; Makes no sense, not gonna happen, but I got time to write so here is some BS
  16. He's been located, Thnx VT. My wife works with Saif, he's a really good dude and has a beautiful family. So glad this didn't turn out worse then it could've been. Even though we may fight amongst each other over the betterment of this team I love each and everyone of you guys. Now on to the draft #RiseUp
  17. We been out looking for him walking the trails and such, gonna pick up again tonight after work. Please let me know if you guys hear anything on that side my family is searching for him also
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