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  1. 9 wins is the floor, 13 wins is the ceiling, I think we get 11 wins this season #RiseUp
  2. IMO Julio is only going get us high 1 pick or 2 low picks so it's better to just keep him. I think we restructure him or let him walk away unless him or Matt maybe both take a payout.
  3. We haven't been back to the playoffs since you stopped eating ghost peppers, were going to need you to tighten up
  4. Probably going to trade back today, so a RB could be in play
  5. Man I'm excited, I wanna see what AS can do with this offense
  6. The sky starts falling in 3...2.....
  7. This dude don't even have a mustache, he gonna get his *** kicked
  8. Letting random fans announce the pick is a great twist
  9. I've heard he's going to wait til after he talks to Ridley to decide. Not sure what that means but we'll see
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