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  1. we dont make adjustments which is why we always get beat in the 2nd half
  2. they're both right, they both performed poorly
  3. That wasn't DQ's team Those weren't "DQ guys" This is DQ's team These are "DQ's guys"
  4. We dont have a DB with the techniques to play M2M the whole game.
  5. Hit the home run caught a helicopter to the Dome and ran back a kickoff
  6. 🤦🏿‍♂️ The way my mind works im thinking "Isn't there someone on the coaching staff thats supposed to be doing this"
  7. Most definitely, have to have a short memory playing DB. If you get mentally frustrated or began 2nd guessing its a wrap. Any decent WR is gonna eat your lunch, but that one of the things AJ already has at a pro level. In this first clip he gets beat but it was a bad pass. In the 2nd clip he shows good instincts recovers and makes the deflection. I can't tell when both plays took place or what order but if he gets that footwork down and get his head around he'll be a player. Right now he's gonna get beat on slants and digs and catch lots of PI's
  8. SMH, why is everyone so triggered lol. I think he needs to improve his footwork whats the problem. Yall want me to ride his jock cause he's 1st round. If you want "Real Talk" maybe I should go to FB. I see s*** coming from a mile away. Some of us excel at certain things other struggle with. Your videos have excellent transition mines not so much. Knowing that why would I get mad if you give me your thoughts on transitions. Is it because I'm just an *** or im to proud to take advice,, IDK WTH you guys problem is on this board. I have an eye to talent, I dont need a year or two to watch a player
  9. I wasnt speaking on his technique. I'm speaking more on footwork and grabbing the wideout without getting his head around fast enough similar to Alford.
  10. I know this is a highlight video but TBH there's only like 2 good plays in it. His footwork looks to have improved a little but he's still relying on his speed and he isn't getting his head around fast enough, think Robert Alford.
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