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  1. Lmao, dude I do it every year check my post history.
  2. Ok once again I don't see the point, if you want me to post players I would draft for this team and see how they pan out it'll be in the IMD thread
  3. What does a live mock draft have to do with evaluating talent, there's no way to know who goes where.
  4. Nope I'm not an X and O's guy but I can run the scout team believe it or not
  5. Huh? How does it not everyone here says Vic is a bust, Collins,King and Rodgers is out the league, TeCo is leaving, Hardy amounted to nothing only one from that draft that anyone here would hang their hat on is Grady Jarrett. What makes this one of the greatest drafts ever in Falcons history?
  6. So because I don't follow another team I don't know what draft success looks like' seems legit
  7. So youre STILL on the "greatest draft ever train" even tho half the city wants to get rid of our 1st round pick?
  8. Lmao, pretty solid, did you watch his college tape .....OK dude I'm done you win enjoy the kool aid
  9. Nope that's not my team, IDGAF what they do because coaching is key and nobody is better then BB
  10. It's not about "hitting" on players, it's about the obvious bad moves like drafting Jalen Collins who had very bad footwork, bad technique, and got dominated in college, but he had the "measurables" DQ likes. Now he's out of the league. I would've never drafted Collins or a group of the other players DQ wasted picks on.
  11. Or you just don't want to see the reality. Y'all give him credit for Debo, Neal, Kazee but forget about Collins, Riley, Harlow, Hill, Fuller, King, Rodgers or the other bums we wasted picks. Common sense is what I use, I don't let my love for this team guide me to be a blind loyalist.
  12. That's not the entire roster bruh, if you gonna play play fair
  13. Ok then post the roster lets see who was on that team
  14. Do the research, he's around 24%
  15. Post the roster please