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  1. Today is the day we begin our climb out of the NFCS basement #RiseUp
  2. How does being 11th qualify you for the superbowl?
  3. Rico was like our 2nd or 3rd best defensive player last year. He's gonna be up to speed before this season ends Neal didn't recover correctly due to our training staff IMO. It takes 2 years to recover from those kind of injuries. Neal will be ball hawking again in 21
  4. "What is common to the spider is chaos to the fly" There is no great genius without a tincture of madness. Safety isn't a concern, they're both coming back from season ending injuries. It takes 2 years to get back to full speed. All of our corners are trash but typical AFMB behavior is dictated by heard mentality.
  5. The Dolphins won't make it too the playoffs for another 5-6 years
  6. Good game, glad to get another W under our belt. Hopefully this team can pull it together and go on a nice little run
  7. Naw man he was going down you can just touch him at that point. There's no need to dive on any player going down
  8. Some dude named PJ Walker is gonna sell jerseys after this game
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