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  1. Lemme get a 20 pcs lemon peppered
  2. Once(If) they get the turnovers under control offense will look alot better
  3. tRaDe hIm f0r đRaFt PiKs
  4. Oh I'm extremely happy, we won & saints lost no complaints from me. Ryan wasn't perfect but the problems on offense stem from Oline play. Once that is corrected we'll be able to give ourselves a better chance of competing.
  5. How long does it take to gel, because we don't have until mid season. We had all presseason/OTA/mini camps to gel. We have some pretty tough defensive units in front of us for a few weeks. We HAVE to go into Indy clicking on all cylinders.
  6. Both. They held it together when it mattered most and we got the W but for the most part we got pushed around again. We have to control the LOS if we want to win, and we having been in control of it for a while now. Hopefully the injury to Caleb isn't bad, we already have Lindstrom in a boot. Next up is @Indy which should be a game we control from whistle to whistle but it starts upfront. Ryan cant throw the ball on his back. The F.O. bragged about having an all 1st round pick $80M Oline. Ryan should have time to stand there and scan the pocket.
  7. Oline is the problem
  8. Trufant defensive player of the week
  9. Last thing we need is more injuries to a shabby Oline
  10. Why use the challenge this early
  11. Before the game starts **** The Aints HAHAHA HAHAHA