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  1. . Momentum from last season doesn't carry over to next season
  2. Are you guys really still surprised at our inability to coach properly. This has been a problem since day 1. Difference from then and now is we had the players that could mask the coaching blunders. The players we have now don't have the talent to cover up those inabilities. Bunch of look like Tarzan play like Jane's running thru the jungle following a person who can't navigate the forest yet.
  3. The scouting and drafting is on DQ watch. DQ says who he wants and TD works the contracts
  4. If we do he'll be undersized but we'll probably get Oliver and be unable to stop my grandmom from running it up the gut on us.
  5. You said he sucked without Julio. Check Matt's stats for games Julio was out with injury. The team is bad because of the coaching Matt is the least of our problems, he's just the one ppl point the finger too when they want to lay blame and don't know what's really going wrong with the team.
  6. I wont even take the time to fact check this. It is total BS attempt to try a protect the ignorance that is DQ,what about that come back hail Mary he threw against Seattle. They even use that game in commercial to sell tickets on NFL ticket exchange.
  7. Ryan was 33-15, a pro bowler and Division champs before Julio showed up
  8. Have to base it on team needs. We drafted the players we needed at that time, we could be got Odell but who would've been protecting Matt's blind side to get the ball to Beckham. The problem isn't WHERE you pick it's WHO is making the picks that's the problem
  9. DQ only hires guys he's friends with on Facebook
  10. Quinn was out coached by a dude who used to pick up trash after practice
  11. This is probably the worse coached Falcons team in the last 25 years.
  12. Foot meet mouth
  13. Maybe Tata can stay and coach both the team's
  14. Hey atleast we get $25 off tires tomorrow at all Kaufaman tire location