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  1. x’s and o’s

    @PeytonMannings Forehead Question??? The deep ball Matt under threw to Julio that was defended by Grimes, did Julio kick it in 3rd gear too late causing the underthrow. Seems like he started to separate after the ball was already in the air.
  2. If Free injuried his FOOT why would Quinn think it was his groin???? I can see maybe saying its a thigh injury and it actually being the groin area but WTF. If his ******* foot hurts why would he think it's a **** groin injury.
  3. IDK if we gonna win, Barkley is gonna run for 150+ and that least one TD. OBJ gonna get a TD but who is gonna score for us.
  4. If Matt tore his leg kicking Mort is probably going explode into a pile of dust
  5. DQ stunted his growth
  6. We're not gonna make any moves for anyone of value.
  7. Tell "----'" don't ******* blow the game
  8. Great call poor execution by the Bucs, but I'll take the win. This team does not look good and we are riddled with injuries
  9. They almost pulled that off
  10. Please don't give up a TD
  11. S.O.B not Matt Bryant too WTF gonna on
  13. Don't run that stupid *** sweep