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  1. Pat's won 11 games without Brady
  2. He better retire before this rape scandal hits the fan
  3. Only 2 teams in NFL history have blown a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl, both teams had Kyle calling the plays.
  4. Sorry you got hurt, but walking fast... bruh
  5. Worse franchise in the history of sports
  6. Why get rid of our one of our best players have you watched the other DBs
  7. If that makes you feel better about our current situation, ok enjoy
  8. If you rewatch the 2nd half of the season you'll notice DQ doesn't have a play sheet in his hand. That's all that happened, nothing else.
  9. Draft party @BirdFan33 house, bring kegs
  10. His career could end the next game, he already has the knee issue so who knows.
  11. Steve Young, John Elway, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson. I dont know if we can truly consider them mobile but for arguement sakes Staubach and Tarkenton. So in 100 years the leagues been around we only had 10 QBs played over 10 years and 6 won a superbowl. Not very good odds Once again mobile QBs dont play over 10 years or win Super Bowls.
  12. Mobile QBs dont win superbowls or play in the NFL 10+ years.