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  1. I already sodomized some evangelicals back when I was in high school because they were saving their vagina for their future husband.
  2. "UK homes are set to be heated over the new year with gas from a Russian project targeted by US sanctions, as the shutdown of a key North Sea pipeline slashes domestic output and sends utilities and traders scrambling for supplies."
  3. If red state Democrats would just say, “I don’t see the need to ban any semiautomatic firearms or limit magazine capacity,” I bet they’d fare better in the short term and the long run, but being anti-gun is embedded in the DNA of liberals so I don’t see it happening.
  4. I could see 2018 being like 2006 when a lot of Democrats were elected in red states/districts but within the next two election cycles, Republicans reclaimed most of the seats.
  5. That’s what they do: hit you with a felony so you’ll plead to a misdemeanor.
  6. My favorite Bernie Bro
  7. He’s too busy making money.
  8. If HolyMoses keeps following me around like this snake’s gonna start getting jealous.
  9. Nothing wrong with being a dirty old man, as long as you have consent.