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  1. Speaking of the LAPD and framing people, Fox News recently gave Mark Fuhrman his own show on their streaming service Fox Nation. He’s been appearing as a commentator on the network and as a guest on various shows for decades. It’s kind of funny because he’s really only famous for using the n-word.
  2. What sort of odds is Vegas giving her?
  3. Any rewatches take an indeterminate number of months to complete. It’s a long term commitment. Attention spans are too short for large scale binging. I’ll allow complaints about Stannis and Dorne.
  4. this one is good because when I used the New York network affiliates on directv to watch out of region football games the past few weeks I kept having to watch anti Kim ads that kept using the word “radical” over and over
  5. Technocratic incrementalism and people who live in the suburbs
  6. Good read
  7. I agree, bring back Jeremiah Wright.
  8. Tried to post this in k-train's thread, but it's archived: Anyway, I'm going to the French Antilles in October. Neither I nor my lady friend speak any French, but hopefully that won't be too big of a problem. If anybody's been there before or has any tips, lemme know.
  9. brb changing my screen name to Jongo Dorts