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  1. Repost from the old thread. I think this also applies to the general
  2. If you elect a feeble-minded old man to act as a figurehead while his cabinet of corporate-aligned technocrats runs the show then you get the Weimar Republic and Cotton/crazy one-eyed SEAL 2024.
  3. I’d like to produce a tv show where liberals approach non-voting blue collar workers and try to sell them on Democratic Party policies.
  4. one of the treasures we lost in the previous thread was Big_dog saying that Biden doesn’t have dementia because he smiles after he sniffs people There was also that other post I’m not sure who to credit for that pointed out that Biden doesn’t sniff black people.
  5. I’m looking forward to the GOP tv ads that will use video of Castro and Booker questioning Biden’s mental fitness.
  6. Bernie’s always abhorred negative campaigning and he’s too nice of a guy to bring it up but I don’t think some folks are prepared for what the right-wing media is gonna do to poor Joe.
  7. Called this in the previous thread a month ago. They’re gonna try to hide Biden in his basement all summer.
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