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  1. Mount Smugmore is eternal but Trout could have the Washington Monument of pomposity.
  2. I'm limiting my mocks to 4 rounds since we don't have 5th or 6th round picks and just one 7th and also setting pick speed to 'fast' in order to pump out more mocks.
  3. I wouldn't trade next year's 1st to move back up but otherwise, sure.
  4. Can someone help me find the post with the guy on Twitter who was watching us? @AF89 do you remember?
  5. I've had at least three simulations where I've gotten Swift in the 2nd round. Those can't be beaten. He's the most talented quarterback I've ever seen. Youst to be Elway but now I have Mahomes #1
  6. lol Trout’s gonna try to gaslight us about Biden’s cognitive decline.
  7. I did one simulation where Kinlaw, Henderson and Chaisson were all taken but Andrew Thomas fell to me and I didn’t mind since he’d be the best offensive lineman we’ve had since Lincoln Kennedy.
  8. Kinlaw and Henderson were both taken but I wouldn’t be mad at this