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  1. Cernovich has slept with a Persian woman and I haven’t. Yet.
  2. Has anyone on the board had any experience with thieving gypsies? I understand there’s a large population around Augusta. I watch ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’ on TLC and those people are the worst.
  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amish_Paradise#Coolio's_response Coolio's response Edit Although Yankovic traditionally secures permission from the artists he parodies (even though this is not legally required, as parodies are covered under fair use guidelines), and was told by his record label that Coolio had given permission, Coolio later claimed that he had not given such permission (and in fact publicly expressed disgust saying that Yankovic's parody "desecrated the song"). This created a minor controversy, as speculation surfaced that Coolio had actually given permission but later claimed he had not in the fear that allowing the parody would not be seen as "cool", or that Yankovic's record label had lied to Yankovic in the hopes that the song would become popular.[citation needed] Yankovic later stated on VH1's Behind the Music that he had written a sincere letter of apology to Coolio, which was never returned, and that Coolio never complained when he received his royalty check from proceeds of the song. A series of photos taken at the XM Satellite Radio booth at the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show suggests that Yankovic and Coolio had made amends.[1] On June 27, 2013 during an "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit, Yankovic was asked "Is Coolio still upset about Amish Paradise?", to which Yankovic replied "Coolio's cool with me now. We ran into each other a few years ago and it's all water under the proverbial bridge."[2] Coolio stated in a 2014 interview that the decision to refuse the parody at the time was "stupid" and wished that someone on his management had stopped him, and considers the final parody to be "funny".[3]
  4. Wait a minute... @mdrake34, which side of the Georgia-Alabama border were you born on?
  5. So who are you guys pulling for in the battle between neo Nazis and Russian forces in the Ukraine?
  6. Still going back and catching up but I must say being cited by the Snopes Cat is indeed a distinguished honor.
  7. I wish everybody could enjoy this economy as much I have.
  8. Yeah I always envisioned us as being better at throwing Julio the ball in the end zone than we’ve turned out to be.
  9. What’s your vertical?
  10. I’d thank Janet Yellen.
  11. http://gawker.com/lbj-was-obsessed-with-his-****-1694599317