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  1. "The same people who liked Trump liked Bernie. Bernie wasn’t too radical for them. They agreed with him that workers need to be paid more money and the health care system needs to be totally reformed and billionaires should be taxed more. They really liked him, and probably still do.”
  2. Imagine an extraterrestrial intelligence observing a presidential debate between Biden and Trump.
  3. It was a black pool. Which reminds me:
  4. Biden telling a story about confronting a razor-wielding gang leader named Corn Pop reminds me of when WFW talks about how he used to handle punks on the streets of Washington DC
  5. I could make an official Instagram appreciation thread.
  6. She taught some classes in Atlanta last month. Cardi tweeted her, too.
  7. Here’s a legitimate twerk instructor:
  8. This was the best part of the last debate: “I’m glad you asked me this question.”
  9. @Carter the NYT opinion section is a dumpster fire