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  1. I think she gets her hats from the same guy who made Macho Man's.
  2. You must not have read very much about LBJ.
  3. I can't imagine how much Adderall I'd need to do what Sponge has done with his action figures.
  4. Back in June, the House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment from Democratic Representative and True American Patriot Barbara Lee of California that would have repealed the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) that we use to fight around the globe. The amendment was intended is to force Congress to debate and pass a new war authorization for the war against ISIS and al Qaeda. Critics like Lee argued the 2001 war authorization is overly broad and gives the president "the authority to wage war in perpetuity." Then in July, House Republicans stripped the repeal of war authorization from the defense bill. Then in September, the Senate voted against an attempt from Rand Paul to repeal the 2001 and 2002 war authorizations. BTW, Barbara Lee was the lone dissenter in the post-9/11 vote authorizing military force. Many called her a traitor. But history has vindicated her.
  5. I just did a google image search for Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, and I'm pretty sure that her hat collection costs more than some your houses.
  6. You can open the image in a new tab if you want the url. You can do a google image search to find other places on the internet where am image appears, but it's not going to tell you the original source, unless it's an image that has only appeared a handful of times, in which case you might be able to deduce where it first appeared by looking thru the results.
  7. Has anyone in the media asked what we were doing in Niger yet?
  8. Trump only ran for president because he was bored. If he had an NFL franchise he never would've gotten that bored. So if I was making a list of who's to blame for Trump becoming president, it would start: Hillary the NFL
  9. Liberals are as pro Israel as they come, leftists are not. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) voted to endorse a BDS motion at their biannual convention earlier this year. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement was forged out of a consensus of Palestinian civil society organizations, and promotes sweeping grassroots activism in the West, calling for the right of return of Palestinian refugees, equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel and an end to the occupation. DSA members voted almost unanimously in support of a resolution to back BDS. Membership in DSA has grown by over 300 percent in the past year.
  10. Israel is a land-stealing apartheid state that engages in disproportionate violence and rampant human rights abuses. Besides America, the rest of the world looks down upon Israel. Not because of anti Semitism, but rather because it is a disgusting, garbage country.
  11. How come people always ask how we're gonna be able to afford single payer but they never ask how we can afford a military budget higher than the next eight nations combined with 600 military bases covering the globe and endless wars?