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  1. Just amazing isn't it? Eleven first round picks on Offence......But 10 is Okay with Hennessy, a mere third rounder. This kid wants 11.
  2. That's what I said dammit, athell.😎.....Well I thought I did....I dunno. Nice to have an interesting OL to watch, regardless. When I watch a game I watch the OL to try to see where the play is going. There have been many times where I have enjoyed a mauling at the line only to miss a long pass or run. I may be ill.
  3. Three prior to the draft? Lindstrom was/is legit. Big Country has the wanna be and athletic prowess to be an NFL RT. He gets after it, just more seasoning needed. I actually enjoyed his play.
  4. Now, I think that was a brilliant move. They were so desperate on the right side. I like that draft on the OL.
  5. Well @hjerry Thanks for this valuable info . Great post. Beat out by a Rook in a few days...$ don't matter. I wonder it was toxicity in the locker room.
  6. Yes it has come to this. The Falcons have such bad luck drafting Edge players....Spooky.
  7. Stupid masks. Not for players What is the point.......Just, oh my, what have ................. I am anticipating an outstanding running game. With those play action passing plays the sky is the limit. The players are in place ..............28 or more points a game.
  8. Yep prolly the rheumatizz prescribed by Big Pharma.......I like the OTC items I have discovered Yellow American Spirit Cigs and whatever beer is on sale to chase my Vodka (On sale, of course.) cures whatever I want it to.
  9. Brother, they got the BEST CB in the draft IMO.....This from three months ago.
  10. Common' man show some optimism for a change......Yes, it has been an off season filled with trepidation, but snap out of it!
  11. I know, I know.... you are innocent this time. But I will be keeping a record of your proclamations..........................
  12. The right side has been addressed. Thanks to TD and DQ. Now is the LG competition. There are players there. All that a fan can ask. Thanks Goob.
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