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  1. Yes. Power football. Run the ball, and play D. What an example of a will to win.
  2. Unfortunately I was on the road, but my Dad recorded it for me. I was on pins and needles re-watching this replay. I missed an epic live Falcon.s game....few and far...............
  3. My bust talks to your bust when "They turn off the lights". I have been to Canton I dunno, but There is a "Feeling" there. Unlike I have ever felt. Maybe because my first ever game I watched on TV was Bears at Lions 1957. I loved the.........Well you know.
  4. Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll tells radio audience that 'white guys' history of slavery stays with us to this day. Has the coach forgotten that football tickets don't sell themselves?
  5. Perhaps the lack of confidence in the OL and RBs to execute the running. In addition to a poor D that spent too much time on the field. Matt just hauled back and chunked it because they were behind (14-18 last two years.). I dunno?
  6. Running behind the best run-blocking lines? in the country made him look good.
  7. Oh No. Exactly my post prior to reading yours. Tough league, eh?
  8. And even without a great running game, if the OL blocks pass rushers, the Falcons will be devastating. Offensive line is key as always.
  9. I for once, would welcome the opportunity to try to catch a 40MPH-60mph, 40-yd pass into my out stretched....... Never mind. MR2 would be taking a nap waiting for my route....And my hands would be hanging from tendons if i did get my hands on one of those.
  10. Well now. Not much hesitation making THAT statement. I love it.
  11. Thanks, Doc. The Falcons have had so few of this type player. I know Da' Bears, Packers, Rams, Steelers and Browns (I hate the Cowboys, so I wont mention them. Wait! What?) have had a history where there was no salary cap, but they certainly developed HOF players.
  12. A warrior. He wanted Rankin Smith out. He enjoyed competitive football. His way was to buy the team and create a winner. He was successful. Love this story. Great post, thanks Goob. @Goober Pyle
  13. On this board anything is...........................
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