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  1. So, 2-1 just beat NO, SF looks like a train wreck, Carolina blows, GB just self destructed on Monday night, Farve looks done, Tampa has some talent but needs at least one more draft, Cutler has already thrown a bunch of picks- they've just been dropped-that won't last Lots of competitors for wild card are 1-2...

    Ryan looks like the QB I thought he would be in 2010, The D looks great- let all the new pieces gel and the breakdowns will stop.

    Aside from not making THE play in Pitt to win the game, this team has looked great. Couldn't start the season much better.

    I'm drinking the koolaid...........now.

    I feel good too.

  2. Hi NYC Falcons Fans!! Just want to let everyone know that I've met Falcons_Fan_NJ + 2 other Atlanta natives and Falcons Fans at Finnerty's these past two weeks. It's a Niners bar, but the majority of Falcons games are 1pm and Niners games are 4pm. Good news is that next week - we PLAY the Niners hahaha! The bar will be filled with 100+ Niners fans and we'll be there reppin' the Falcons. If anyone can make it out, let me know!


    East Village - Manhattan

    2nd Ave. between 13th and 14th sts.

    Hope to see you there!

    If the Falcons happen to get up on them by 30 or so, just remember what the Niners used to do to the Birds ! :o And enjoy it!

  3. You guys played a good game and hung on to the ball. But let's not get carried away. Punched us in the mouth? You punched the cards in the mouth. You are 1 field goal made from being 1-2 believe that. I'm not hear to insult anyone. I can talk football with the next guy. But don't act like you blew us out the building.

    202 rushing yards, 45 minutes of posession. :o

  4. I take it that you have too if you remember the soccer playing bartender from Connecticut that is your screen name.

    Yea Flip, I became a Falcon fan when he kicked the game-winner in the Falcons first? playoff game in '78 when I was living in Montana (go Bobcats)! I grew-up in Warner Robins from 60-68, but was a Packer fan because they always beat Dallas. Even at the age of 14, I hated Dallas! :o

  5. Relates to the whole debate about Matt Ryan not passing enough.

    Top 5 QB's in passing yards for week 3

    Kyle Orton - 476

    Philip Rivers - 455

    Eli Manning - 386

    Drew Brees - 365

    Chad Henne - 363

    All of their teams lost.

    In fact, only one team whose QB passed for over 300 yds won. It was the Colts and Peyton Manning, who were playing against Kyle Orton and Denver.

    I saw that also. They were playing from behind. I would rather watch a dominant running team (Falcons). The GB-Chi game was not my cup of tea. I even find watching the Colts tedious!

  6. I'll take the 1977 secondary.

    The one that gave up less than 4 yards per pass play, less than 100 yards passing per game, a completion percentage of 44%, and picked off 26 passes compared to 9 TDs allowed.

    And also was part of the greatest scoring defense in NFL history.

    That is the one I would go with.

    Remember how Roland Lawrence used to beat-up the recievers before the contact rules changed?

  7. Man there was probably a record for flags in that game.

    I've heard the ARI fans complain about it, as well as a few Falcons.

    After further review, I thought they called a pretty good game. Both teams struggled with the NFL rules.

    Even though Boger is a friend of mine I believe his crew called a good game.

    Yall know me. I stay objective. Refs were good. Both teams were a little sloppy.


  8. I will say this....

    If you guys come into our house and beat us, you deserve to have the press act in a positive manner.

    Somewhere along the line, somebody is going to beat New Orleans. We are 18-3 over our last 21 games. Odds are we lose at some point. The Saints have played well and only your best game will beat us right now.

    On a serious note, the Falcons pose the biggest threat over the next 5 weeks. Your team is looking good right now. In 6 weeks we play the Stellers and that will be a huge game. I suspect you guys have the team to make it into the playoffs this season. But I still think dethroning the Saints for the division won't be an easy task.

    We'll all know in 72 hours.


    Well said. This,I think, is as big as an early season game gets!

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