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  1. OK Timmy Boy. Welcome to the club. We are united in our undying affection for the birds. I also happen to hate the cowboys and I live here in Houston, Texas. Look forward to hearing you strike like that avatar rattler...

    Thanks all for the welcome. I didn't see the Timmy,Timmy,Timmy thing coming! :o . Very funny. HASHBROWN3, FYI, that avatar, although not a rattler, will strike for 10 wins this season!

  2. I've been a long-suffering fan since 1978, when the "Bartender" (see username, although it is misspelled) kicked a last-gasp field goal to give the Falcons their first (I think)? playoff win (Philadelphia). Grew up in Warner Robins, GA from 1959-1968, but was a Green Bay fan because they always beat the despised Cowboys. :angry: I have been comming here since I found out there was such a thing in 2007 and I love the info and insights available on these boards, especially Talk About the Falcons. Currently living in Bucland, near Tampa. Ok, that is it.

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