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  1. I've been a long-suffering fan since 1978, when the "Bartender" (see username, although it is misspelled) kicked a last-gasp field goal to give the Falcons their first (I think)? playoff win (Philadelphia). Grew up in Warner Robins, GA from 1959-1968, but was a Green Bay fan because they always beat the despised Cowboys. I have been comming here since I found out there was such a thing in 2007 and I love the info and insights available on these boards, especially Talk About the Falcons. Currently living in Bucland, near Tampa. Ok, that is it.
  2. 1.Chevis plays too far off his WR, gives his WR way too much cushion The comrade drafted Chevis as a short zone, Tampa-two corner. His limitations are must certainly be known to the coaches. Perhaps the coaches wanted to watch him try to single-cover.
  3. Yes. I am also looking for a formation with him in a RB position.
  4. Meier....playing the designated we-hope-this-guy-gets-it-because-all-the-guys-in-front-of-him-are-linebackers spot across from Brian Finneran.
  5. I am not surprised at Peters play. According to the 2010 PFW Draft Quide, the only DTs from major programs even close in the number of tackles he had (56) during the 2009 season are : Suh (85) D. Williams (70) L. Houston (68) T. Alualu (65) B. Price (48)
  6. I think that the players would rather that the "experts" not talk about the team as a contender. I like it when the Birds are ignored.
  7. Perhaps to be ethical, you should have referenced the information that you quoted from http://www.sports-injury-info.com/hip-flexor-injury.html
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