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  1. As you are aware, I am having a little sip as well. Thank you Sir.
  2. I know what you know, brother after 48 years. Good post and thank you.
  3. Me and Yorkie will live until the Birds get a World Championship. 15 year old Yorkie is getting an attitude. After Rankin. He thought this would be a winning franchise like......well, you know them. He is pissed and does whenever he wants. I have pee pads but he is so enraged that he finds new spots.
  4. Happy birthday. Did I catch it? Sept, being the ninth month from New Year celebrations.............well there a lot of us out here.
  5. You, of all the aware posters, didn't think to click "All Birthdays?"
  6. It is my birthday dammit. I have been here for 13 years with no awards, toasts, glad to see you, Get outta here, what is up with the dog?, happy birthday, have a drink. Just mean. It goes on, oh, the depression I feel is saddening.
  7. About 15 years ago a major hurricane ripped through an area south of here. The major, and minor, grocery stores ran out of diesel for their generators after a week. My company hauled tons of food to the landfill for days. Horrible.
  8. Good prepping. I am in SW FL and our food was saved in the nick of time by a friend who had a generator and was not affected by the power outage when that hurricane came through here a couple-three years ago. Water stayed on, but had 50 Gal stored. Cooking in a SunOven and coffee with a rocket stove...but we saved our refrigerated/frozen food. Dammit, it is hot here without AC/fans!
  9. That is perhaps the worst thing for many. Hundreds of dollars in food wasted, no A/C, fans etc.
  10. Let's wish him all speed in his development. They need him Sunday...Let's go.
  11. @autigerfan Here we go my fellow fan...Football is back.
  12. You remember much Falcon history........In that, thanks for those observations....I remember the tragic death of Norwood, but none else, except Tim Green's fight.
  13. I was there too. With my brother. We debated on whether to spend our hard earned $ on the Falcons. And drive a 50 mile round trip. I said to my brother...It's the only game in town....Let's get us a $10 ticket outside the gates and see a NFL game. We did...and still laugh. Deon brought the hair on my neck to attention, after he waved both arms to the sparse crowd, they (We.) responded. We felt it and so did he. The greatest in-person sports experience of my short life.
  14. On a beach being serviced with maidens I hope. He got his worth. Good for that warrior.
  15. Then maybe an amputation is expected. Just wanted to throw some Jedi in there. LOL.
  16. I don't think the OL was functional with two rooks and the rest...Injury as you said. We know what happened with LG and RG was not professional football. When Lindy returned, things got better. I expect vast improvement running the ball this season. Good post. Edit: I was reading your post as what happened in 2019. Never mind.
  17. Good post. The high school stupid penalties must stop now. Something is wrong here.
  18. We, as Falcon fans, have suffered more than what is normal through the years. Knee shots on Bart...false penalties, fake calls in the end zone. Days past. But alas, they do injure themselves with so many stupid pre-snap penalties. We (I.) am getting to the point where I must look to past achievements to get ready for this season.
  19. You are a looooong time Falcon fan like me? We have cried, thrown..................
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