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  1. Well, very nice of you. Just pick the most expensive vintage. I will be out here.
  2. Just checked his profile. Clean as a whistle. Must be one of those Hillary and Brennan wipe things. You know, with a cloth.
  3. Okay, I will check his profile. Dammit. He ...............
  4. He has been kinda of let 'em play guy. I have a warning point from that guy stuck in Denver. He was lax really...I was over the top and...... Do you have any of those warning points, mister? No, I won't check your profile. Because I think I have one more than you...So there. Come back here if you have two warning points or over, dammit.
  5. Thank you @VTCrunkler. And thank you for your work moderating this board.
  6. Much thanks HB3. We are able to make a good time out of this board even though the Falcons.............. Might be disappointing. Positive, my friend. It is a good life.
  7. Well now those are big hitters on here and valuable from my experience. Trolls must be dealt with. I am not so good at it but @athellis a master troll blower upper.
  8. Bro, I always have the "sips" ....well, maybe more, before even thinking entering here. I have learned. Don't enter sober..you'll just go to sippin.
  9. Thanks Goob. No power outage here. A win against Dallas would make it. I will never forget the 1980 Divisional Championship game.
  10. Dammit, do like I did and make your own. These guys only look at the top half of the alphabet. Screw them..... Oh, wait. They love us because the team is..........Never mind. we have a good board here.
  11. I don't recall getting any birthday accolades on this board. But alas, I am old, and don't recall. But my 15 year old Yorkie recalls everything....And I pay. it is a struggle to the finish I tell ya. He is an expert at out witting me. I do appreciate your efforts, even though I don't remember the festivities.
  12. Got your women and child...er, grand children safe, and cars locked?
  13. Thanks brother, for tolerating my rants here and.................
  14. As you are aware, I am having a little sip as well. Thank you Sir.
  15. I know what you know, brother after 48 years. Good post and thank you.
  16. Me and Yorkie will live until the Birds get a World Championship. 15 year old Yorkie is getting an attitude. After Rankin. He thought this would be a winning franchise like......well, you know them. He is pissed and does whenever he wants. I have pee pads but he is so enraged that he finds new spots.
  17. Happy birthday. Did I catch it? Sept, being the ninth month from New Year celebrations.............well there a lot of us out here.
  18. You, of all the aware posters, didn't think to click "All Birthdays?"
  19. It is my birthday dammit. I have been here for 13 years with no awards, toasts, glad to see you, Get outta here, what is up with the dog?, happy birthday, have a drink. Just mean. It goes on, oh, the depression I feel is saddening.
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