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  1. This is possibly worse than the span from 1966 to 1978 then 1989 to 2007, but I am used to it. The difference is is that this current team has talent and a good owner and GM.......That leaves one man hanging in the wind. Beat the Pack and we will see about a mid-season coaching change. No sweat, though I am used to the let downs.
  2. I am watching TB Lighting Hockey now. Competitive and fiery team. Not to be confused with the fiery, but mostly peaceful...................... Just a stop in to test the waters. Out. I am back Dammit. Edit: The Lightning won in OT. Falcon's players....... get some KILLER mojo. Despite the coaches. This should not be so sad. But it is. On the players now. Take over.
  3. Yes. Dammit, a world championship on your CV is TITS. Browns, Raiders, Bears, Dolphins, Jets, Redskins (Yes, I said it.) et.al..fans can deal with the suck knowing that they have been there.
  4. We are shell shocked (PTSD.) from games like this. But the Falcons win this one.
  5. Well, very nice of you. Just pick the most expensive vintage. I will be out here.
  6. Just checked his profile. Clean as a whistle. Must be one of those Hillary and Brennan wipe things. You know, with a cloth.
  7. Okay, I will check his profile. Dammit. He ...............
  8. He has been kinda of let 'em play guy. I have a warning point from that guy stuck in Denver. He was lax really...I was over the top and...... Do you have any of those warning points, mister? No, I won't check your profile. Because I think I have one more than you...So there. Come back here if you have two warning points or over, dammit.
  9. Thank you @VTCrunkler. And thank you for your work moderating this board.
  10. Much thanks HB3. We are able to make a good time out of this board even though the Falcons.............. Might be disappointing. Positive, my friend. It is a good life.
  11. Well now those are big hitters on here and valuable from my experience. Trolls must be dealt with. I am not so good at it but @athellis a master troll blower upper.
  12. Bro, I always have the "sips" ....well, maybe more, before even thinking entering here. I have learned. Don't enter sober..you'll just go to sippin.
  13. Thanks Goob. No power outage here. A win against Dallas would make it. I will never forget the 1980 Divisional Championship game.
  14. Dammit, do like I did and make your own. These guys only look at the top half of the alphabet. Screw them..... Oh, wait. They love us because the team is..........Never mind. we have a good board here.
  15. I don't recall getting any birthday accolades on this board. But alas, I am old, and don't recall. But my 15 year old Yorkie recalls everything....And I pay. it is a struggle to the finish I tell ya. He is an expert at out witting me. I do appreciate your efforts, even though I don't remember the festivities.
  16. Got your women and child...er, grand children safe, and cars locked?
  17. Thanks brother, for tolerating my rants here and.................
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