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  1. Yep. A Big 10 corner has opportunities to look good. But then there is the ACC........where UNC, BC and Miami had decent QBs but so did PSU and......I dunno.
  2. Hi again, ROH. I am doing better than I deserve, brother. My MLB, NFL and my two CFB teams; UGA and UNC disappoint, but it so nice to have baseball and football during these dark times. I hope you are well and remain so for a future playoff run for the Birds and the Braves. Take care of your valuable family, my friend.
  3. I think it was all the knee shots he took before the rule changes, PokerSteve. Their line was good later in his career.
  4. I was checking before I posted this. Always lurking aren't you athell?
  5. Few for us this season, but hey, they have won two games, count the....................... I must admit that this has been the most disgusting season in my Falcon fandom. The stupid penalties/turnovers/poor play calling/watching a spinning football in awe on an onside kick.....Rankin, are you in charge again? In previous years/decades it was lack of coaching AND talent. This year reminds me of the early-mid nineties. Except this in one of the most talented teams.
  6. We were here with you, Vandy. Spent many a Sunday at AFCS to watch Montana, ....oh, God, I can'i go on.
  7. My brother said the same thing about coaching the young ones. He was an offensive coordinator and when his team executed a play as devised he would email me with a vid. He was ecstatic when his team ran a double reverse for a 40yd TD. And unlike some Pro teams that we know and love.....No penalties/
  8. ER......? A tight end? Point taken. But, but. Oh I know. I feel this collapse is same same as the Falcons of the eighties isn't it? Just disappointing to have this much talent on a Falcon team and.......................
  9. I know. The point was that if his WR's could not contribute, the long ball could be defended. Maybe his RBs can catch?
  10. Maybe Grady, Big Country and Gauge can play some? That will help. Injuries this season seem worse for the NFL, but Falcons are intact compared to some. Now that the third preseason game is out of the way.....Let the games begin.
  11. His only two proven receivers may be out. Adams might be their only one to play, and he has a hammy thingy.....So does Julio, though, and we know what that.......................... https://www.packers.com/team/injury-report/
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