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  1. Yeah, the coaching changes last year are a harbinger. And as you stated they have all the positional talent to do it. Good post.
  2. Me too. We missed that window in the SB, but I think we get one....maybe two more chances.
  3. Soon the truth will emerge after fighting through the controlled narrative to take down the first world.
  4. I see what you did there. Just........Well, I must not continue as I have a perpetual warning point. Jeze, a DUI in FL only stays with one for 75 years..... How do I know this? Don't drink an.... Well I am home know so @#$% it.
  5. I remember that play.....And think it is ingrained as one of the most brilliant. Begin at about 4:04:
  6. I know, I know....You have to earn your keep.
  7. Happy Birthday Goober. I love your long, detailed posts.
  8. Yep, I think I know. I reckon he was best available, but is he an upgrade to Sark? He was certainly a looser in TB. I know Crablegs was an interception machine AND they had no running game. I live in the TB area and after hearing the interviews by DK and the accompanying analysis by the radio guys here, I was disappointed that the Birds brought him in. Politics? I hope MR2 can red pill him...I have said that prior. I am filled with trepidation.......But FOOTBALL.
  9. This is/will be an epic thread. Thanks for kicking the hornet's nest DAMMIT!
  10. I dunno, Papa, 2018 and 19 seemed like butting heads against a wall. Running at eight man boxes, stupid screens...... Has he had authority, sans the no huddle, to call a different play at the LOS the last coupla' years?
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