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  1. Hot and sweaty. Buc fans haven't been haughty whatsoever....So there is that. Got kicked out of my rental 1 April, and was homeless until 16 June, when I moved in to my house. I was so fortunate to land one that is kinda affordable. Whew!!!. Thanks Man.
  2. You are on my like list because of your edge. We will team up with the other regulators when posters like @athellsmell bulls%l! (Blood?) with their Bull Shark receptacles on there noses that detect............Well, I had better stop. LOL!
  3. Oh, he will be a starter after TC. They invested a high second, and will give him enough reps to prove himself, and he will, IMHO.
  4. Dammit man.You remember? I will never...Hey, didn't I repent some years ago? This is a shock. I thought I was good here. I stand chastised. But thank you very much for bringing it up Dammit. Now I will struggle to fall asleep. My Yorkie growls when I take him from the foot of the bed to cuddle with me under my chin. Tonight he will be indignant For he will be squeezed as I try to fall asleep. His growl is on you.
  5. You are lurking like a Bull Shark. Enough of the flowery stuff....Just please. "Are you talking to me?" ..........."ARE you talking to me?" No mirror.
  6. Geeze....you are correct. I may have heard it in those scripted pressers....but just so sad.
  7. “People are going to be guessing what we’re doing,” Jarrett said of Pees’ new scheme. Thank you again, Goober for your posts.
  8. Thank you Sir. I am willing to join the mayhem @athell, @papachaz@PokerSteve@Vandy @Ezekiel 25:17, et. al. provide😎.and the occasional thoughtful posts now that there is FOOTBALL. I can't remember the remainder of my buds' because it has been so long. Falcons and Dawgs. To quote Hickcok45 "Life is good." Thank you again red.
  9. "A ball snatcher" eh? Lets go burn some LBs' and DBs'.
  10. A sixty mile-an-hour fast ball. High and outside?............. For a score.
  11. OH BOY! FOOTBALL!!!!!! The best thing is no masks.
  12. I think that the weakness in the OL has been taken into account and more adjustments will be made for quick passes. The OL is not in shambles, after all. They have Hennessy and a decent group at LG to try. A full preseason will be revealing.
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