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  1. I was waiting for you.
  2. "What a lovely dress Mrs. Cleaver."
  3. Good post. I see a difference too....after you mentioned it.
  4. I for one will hide and watch the manipulation of said cap and all will be good. Saints set the standard and their cap manage.............Never mind.
  5. Soooo it went through New Orleans, then. Understandable. Let the thief use up his/her TP stockpile.
  6. I never got it dammit. What is the tracking number?
  7. He did dammit.....And I responded.
  8. Well sir. I have calculated that, sans dysentery. I have lived the last five years on my stockpile. I began in 2009 and stopped in 2015 when I ran out of storage space ..ahem, for the TP that is. No more inquiries please.
  9. My three cone time would initiate a nap on the clock holders and an EMS team would transport me to a rehab facility (No sweat as I have Medicare.) where I would die an agonizing death. I have a DNR on my medical records.
  10. You started this. ...Oh, never mind, it's page five. I won't continue.
  11. Not funny. I have enough for two years.
  12. LOL! Dammit, he had a mission to get fuel. Mission accomplished.
  13. Geeze. Pitts will be a focus of the D. OH yea, same as JJ and Ridley and Gage and Hurst.......Oh, Wait? Superfluous video by this guy. He wasted lots of climate change altering electricity producing that ..........stuff. Coal, wind, tadpoles, waves in the water, owl wing dynamics? How can it be fixed? This wasteful use of energy should be mitigated. But as we know they are out there.
  14. Well now......We have two Ivy League monster LBs (Who would have thunk?) digesting the schemes designed by a Mr Bush. Stay tuned for the rest of the story. I will, and am excited.
  15. No thank you Vandy. I am too sensitive I reckon. But I listened. Not me. Colt 45 and sleep.....😎
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