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  1. There you go again HB3. I love your aggressive approach to living in a competitive world my friend.
  2. Yessir. Must have a Franchise QB to compete in the league.
  3. Yes, but this may be a gift in that the forthcoming draftable QBs maynot be as good. MR2 is world class. I know. I like to hedge though. A player who touches the ball on the snap is golden. Ryan can play for four? more years. Options are intriguing at four. Better not miss. Idonno. This will be good to watch.
  4. Examining the Falcons 1st round options: Quarterback By David J Walker@FalcoholicDW Having a draft pick in the top 5 is actually somewhat rare for the Falcons. The last time it happened was in 2008 in the aftermath of the Michael Vick scandal and the Bobby Petrino disaster of 2007. Having a pick this high gives you a host of options, with the hope being that you won’t be here again for a long while. In this series, we’ll take a look at all the different ways the Falcons can use this pick to rebuild under a new regime. Today, we start with using it to draft a quarter
  5. How to get the Franchise if the team is 8-8 or 7-9? This is my point. They would have to send multiple draft choices via the draft or a trade.
  6. There is a counter outlook that the Falcons my not have an opportunity to draft a highly regarded player who handles the ball every play for the foreseeable future. Remember MR2 was 3. I am not a QB evaluator, and I know what MR2 has done for the Falcons and the fans. I would not be mad to get one of the top four and sit him while Ryan rules in the new offence. Rogers sat for two? years.
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