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Tim Mazetti

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  1. He is a scary Man to defences. That is the reason. My ### this team is stacked on O.
  2. I am thinking reason over money, but the same result. Immune systems in humans have worked for millenia.
  3. Then where does Ken fit in the .......oh never mind .I like Ken for a doomer....Less key strokes..
  4. And you don't see it? Just reason. I am an old trained Microbiologist.....Just reason. Humans have immune systems. We have been exposed to thingys from day one.
  5. Dam. Didn't take you long. I will be your faithful backup, as I am way too slow on these things. Post early to create reason and rational thought.
  6. Right! Oh, jumpin' jehovaphats....I have been working at a deli for the last few months of the plandemic...I am 68. Smoke like a chimney....drink like a.... Keep my immune system tuned against a flu.
  7. The sport is a train that ain't stopping for nobody. I hope that Science/Reason prevails over the Mockingbird Media and their...............Oh wait. I will stop.
  8. “There is obviously some technique stuff that needs to be cleaned up. I have plenty of bad habits that I struggled to deal with last year, with footwork and hand placement, speed off the ball sometimes. The list goes on. “The good news is that they were all simple.” Good article.
  9. My long dead Mother, who grew up in the Great Depression with seven siblings....(Five survived to adulthood.) said this following quote only one time to me after I was whining...."I , nor anyone else has ever told you that it would be easy."
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