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  1. Schweitzer.
  2. This year we will be treated in watching our favorite team dominate the league. First time ever. No, I am not exaggerating. Like you said, the surprise SB appearance.
  3. The scuttlebutt is that he does not have anticipation to set up blocks. He just puts his head down.This thingy can be coach-able, maybe. Not like DF24 or TC26, who have a gift,....... but helpful.Maybe. I have heard that he is good pass blocker. DF24 any one?
  4. Nice analysis:
  5. Lucky is your new handle then.
  6. Don't stand for me I am only the Coach.
  7. Winning is everything tho. Stay under the cap and win.. I don't follow or acknowledge the cap. Cool that TD is paid to deal, so I can relax.
  8. Why would a civilized man venture outside the French Quarter, unless one was riding a Tram for sight seeing? During daylight, of course.