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  1. Garland and Schweitzer are still learning, but the pressure on Ryan in the playoffs is disconcerting. Good post,
  2. Army vs SD State and the Army vs Navy game were my best all year.
  3. Give Little Bull some clicks.
  4. Good post. I get the thread, but I am worried about Matt's protection. Maybe it is the time to get a guard and or an OT? I am on the Schweitzer bandwagon, but Mack can offer only so much help.
  5. Quatrina? And maybe Katrina?
  6. Army vs SD State was a masterpiece of how I envision FB.
  7. Did ok with Donald. Just need schemes. Like the Rams game. So impressed with the Rams defeat. And the OL. Weak but versatile. Mack!
  8. Getting used to it now! Great.
  9. Falcons will be beasts. Win or lose.
  10. Thank you for this.