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  1. You know more than I. Certainly looks good.
  2. Agreed on the gamewreckers, but the cost to move? They need CBs and LBs as well as DT. Just dammit, watching Swift is transcendental....how does he do that?
  3. Don't you think Swift would be pricey in round two?....No way in round one right?
  4. John Prine is dead. Oh, dammit. "I got an Aunt in Ohio and a boat that won't row... Some travelers insurance and no where to go..." RIP John.
  5. IDK that a RB is/would be a big deal at this point. They may feel set at RB.....But Swift..OMG!
  6. I agree. Maybe not Chaisson, but a CB or a different LB on their board. Third round trade is too much.
  7. No. IMHO.
  8. Interesting, thanks for the insite.....Could work, but alas, LTs like Thomas don't last to the middle of round one on a normal draft day.
  9. To my untrained eyes he was a huge up-grade at RT and is mean. I love him there. I am an OL guy, and like his demeanor. He will be better in year two.....and meaner?
  10. Stop the run dammit.
  11. Good post. Or maybe LB, but CB likely like you said.
  12. I think he will be there, Brother. If not then I dunno, but a DT is on my radar. I am hoping.
  13. I have seen this many times.............What a WR! Oh thanks. I will use your post to watch another 10 times. He is a bad man. @Wjcorner
  14. Get some.
  15. The Cowboys used that to perfection, prior to salary cap. I would not cry. Just don't think it could happen. Thomas is a top five or 10 anyway. I will hide and watch. He is not a need but a BPA at 16 probably.