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  1. He aint giving us the real deal man. I dont know who this guy is that claims to listen to T.I. but it aint Dan Quinn. I knew this guy was a phony the second he remarked on how passionate our fanbase was. I just have a hard time buying into this dude.
  2. You're kidding right? This is Twitter. He only has 140 characters to answer questions, so what kind of questions do you think he's even going to entertain?
  3. I dont like the choices he's made in his staff and his performance last night was abysmal. Just like we realized that Smitty had taken us as far as he could I think we can pretty much assume Quinn wont be the guy either. Blank should turn the page.
  4. You're also not in charge of maximizing profit on a 1.4 billion dollar investment.
  5. what? Suh has heart that's good enough for Canton. you are completely clueless.
  6. She's a nobody. Her source is probably a low level assistant coach who was told by Tice or Armstrong that Quinn is their guy. Hearsay.
  7. I thought I was over Rex until i watched his press conference. Smh. Quinn's grown on me though.
  8. Its going to happen on Monday regardless of the outcome of this game. Its just a matter of whether or not we can make it official.
  9. This pretty much ends all speculation. Bears want Fox. Denver wants Kubiak. Niners, Jets, Raiders, and Bills have their guys. Quinn will be the guy.
  10. LOL...usually? Schefter is THE most solid guy in NFL reporting.
  11. Nah. Quinn just dropped this bomb as soon as Bowles got hired. Blank will wait.
  12. I believe it. He leaked the fact that he wants to be here for a reason. Austin is getting too close for his comfort.
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