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  1. Ok I found this place http://www.thebirdatlanta.com/ Is it any good?
  2. Long story short, I'm at the in-laws this weekend up in Dunwoody. Where's a good sports bar to watch the game tomorrow!?!?!? Need help!
  3. 1000% signed this petition.
  4. You should try watching our games...
  5. This is beautiful. Well done sir.
  6. The refs are beating the falcons. Didn't recognize that...
  7. Wow we have some ****** fans in this thread. Why do y'all even watch the game when you "know" we are going to lose.
  8. How do they not call a clear offsides?
  9. Ball game! Way to go Redskins.
  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this. I came to TATF and see Dooms day. I was thinking I was going crazy watching the same game... Pick by us -> flag.... Every bad play by patriots -> flag on us... It gets old.
  11. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. appreciate the fast response!