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  1. 28-3 will do that to you lol..just wait till the season starts
  2. See I told you not to get me started lol.. Here's a quote from espn insider regarding that trade "Interestingly, the Falcons probably had their biggest needs on the defensive side of the ball (DE or OLB) but not only did they pass up on them, they gave up a ton to get Jones". Now this trade happened with Watt, Aldon Smith, Clayborn on the board not to mention 2012's draft. now Im obviously looking at this in hindsight but even when the trade was announced the initial speculation was defense/Watt. Imo Julio will never play up to his value regardless how many probowls he goes to. Flame on dirt bird fanz..its what Im here for
  3. "MaTt gOt Us tO ThE PlAyOfFs iN HiS FiRsT Year" Thats all I need to know about you, now begone
  4. Lol, man dont get me started. The football gods choked on the spliff when the falcons traded the farm for Julio. He's badass but not that badass.
  5. Panic. After watching your 28-3 lead dwindle down to 7 they were probably thinking "we have to respond with a death blow" when in hindsight they only needed a fg. Pride and ego with a sprinkle of fear will make you do some stupid ****. But someone had to keep their wits about them.
  6. Falcons, panties, pats, giants, packers
  7. With a 28-3 lead you go conservative and run the ball on 1st and 2nd. Everyone in bristol knew this except you apparently. The falcons have the advantage of running out of the gun. No excuse. They blew then super bowl
  8. Bucs - 11-5 Birdz - 10-6 Panties - 7-8 Aints - 6-10
  9. 1. I am a proud Buc fan. 2. "crablegs" is alot further along at this stage of his career than matty melt. Just ask Koetter & Smith. 3.
  10. Then it confirms my belief that he's not the kind of QB I want leading my team. Most QB's have the option to audible if they see something they dont like. Its basic madden 101. You have a 4th qrtr lead like that you run out the clock and add pts via FG's.
  11. 28-3 wasnt a gimmick. lmao
  12. Thats what you should be saying about matty ice melt instead of making excuses for him lol