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  1. The bears suck and the Bucs did exactly what they were supposed to do against a team like that. The Bucs owned the los on both sides of the ball and let Glennon have the underneath. The bucs didnt blitz a lot but when they did the bears turned it over. Txt book conservative win against a bad team.
  2. Tampa. They will be that one playoff team that no one wants to play.
  3. The falcons pass D is the real deal but the run D sucks.
  4. I see the falcons losing 6 games and losing their 1 playoff game. Shanahan was the reason the offense put up the numbers it did. The falcons will try to duplicate that success but it wont happen. The defense is seriously overrated and overshadowed by the offense. They are fast and DQ disguises his blitzes well but they can be ran on and beat by a ball control team with a pass rush to pressure Ryan. Can the falcons make it back to the SB? Yes. Will they? No.
  5. Winston is a head scratcher for sure in Tampa but there is no denying his leadership, passion, and winning. The bucs should Not have won 9 games with the injuries to the oline, recieving corp, and rb's. Winston willed that team to win.
  6. Formation issue? Does he think the viewers are stupid? The falcons had been running out of the gun all yr. All he has to do is take responsible and act like he learned a valuable lesson
  7. Its going to be a fun season to watch thats for sure. The falcons are still the team to beat but the gmen are rising behind a good D, the packers are tough to beat with Rogers and the seahawks are always tough. I like the Bucs, panthers, cards, or philly to be a darkhorse wildcard team that rides the wave to the nfccg.
  8. Only time will tell. My bet is against the falcons repeating as NFC champions
  9. As a Buc fan Ill say the falcons worry me the least out of all the NFC teams. Losing Shanahan will prove to be bigger than it is now and expose Ryan for the system QB he is. The defense is fast and hard hitting...until the 2nd half of games when they're tired from being on the field more than the O. Two new coordinators and a SB hangover will be too much to overcome. They will make it back to the playoffs but will be 1 & done in the wildcard rnd. Philly worries me the most because as much as I hate them, I really like their HC and the attitude he brought. They looked legit during their win streak last season. They could be a wildcard team but I wouldnt be surprised if they won the east. Either way they will be a tough Team to beat this season.
  10. Here's a non falcon fans take... Falcons let the whole nation(minus Boston) down. Everyone was on the bandwagon and watching the patriots get hammered in the first half was one of the best in SB history. Then in the 2nd half the falcons became the falcons and the pats the pats. Alot of football fans outside of the Atlanta probably cant even remember who the pats beat to win the SB so when they are reminded, it brings back painful memories of a drunk 2nd half they barely remembered and another day of New England greatness. The falcons are still the team to beat in the NFC but teams will not play them thinking they can win. They will be playing them like a rabbied dog in a corner. The falcons will not have it easy and I'd be shocked if they make it to january as healthy as they were last season. It just doesnt happen
  11. Bump this ****!
  12. 28-3 will do that to you lol..just wait till the season starts
  13. See I told you not to get me started lol.. Here's a quote from espn insider regarding that trade "Interestingly, the Falcons probably had their biggest needs on the defensive side of the ball (DE or OLB) but not only did they pass up on them, they gave up a ton to get Jones". Now this trade happened with Watt, Aldon Smith, Clayborn on the board not to mention 2012's draft. now Im obviously looking at this in hindsight but even when the trade was announced the initial speculation was defense/Watt. Imo Julio will never play up to his value regardless how many probowls he goes to. Flame on dirt bird fanz..its what Im here for
  14. "MaTt gOt Us tO ThE PlAyOfFs iN HiS FiRsT Year" Thats all I need to know about you, now begone
  15. Lol, man dont get me started. The football gods choked on the spliff when the falcons traded the farm for Julio. He's badass but not that badass.