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  1. If the failcons win today you have to sign Morris to a long term deal or someone will
  2. The sainst D is still good but they are about to find out how much confidence and leadership Brees inspired. Hill is passionate but hes inconsistent and just a plain bad passer under live bullets.
  3. Why so angry? If football got you like this, turn it off.
  4. Refresh for relevance. Glad to see Morris get another shot. I dont see him as the long term solution but what if he gets the falcons to .500?
  5. As a resident Buc fan I want to make the case for Morris as HC because lets face it, its only a matter of time before some team snatches him up. First things first, he won 10 games in this league with Josh Freeman at QB. Thats equivalent to making it the conference championship game with Matt Ryan. 2nd, his players loved playing for him. They ran through brick walls for him. When your only knock is being too animated and cocky then ask why Sean McVay doesnt get the same criticism. 3rd, he is a true HC and not just a glorified coordinator. Sure he has made his rounds as coordinator on both sides of the ball but as HC, he did a good job of organizing his staff and coaches and preparing a gameplan each week. He is a good teacher and was able to get Josh Freeman to understand the gameplan because lets face it, Freeman didnt have a working light bulb in his head. Lastly, his energy is unmatched. DQ's falcons are flat, period. I always felt his buccaneers team overachieved and it was because they brought an energy their opponents couldnt match for 4 qrtrs. I hate to bring race into this but we all know he would be a HC right now if he were white. You dont win 10 games in this league as a HC and not get a chance over half the bums in this league. This is DQ's last season and as much as I hate the falcons, I really like Morris and if he becomes your HC, I would hate you guys a little less.
  6. Go Bucs! This will be a tough game as always and I hope Winston doesnt give it away
  7. True. Our oldest is a freshman in college and it's seems like yesterday she was in kindergarten
  8. This will come down to who plays better D and the Bucs dline has 9 sacks and the #4 ranked run D in the league. The falcons will get a tough upset opponent on sunday
  9. Bucs 42 Falcons 22 Bucs dline sets single game sack record and QB "roughing the passer" penalties.
  10. The bears suck and the Bucs did exactly what they were supposed to do against a team like that. The Bucs owned the los on both sides of the ball and let Glennon have the underneath. The bucs didnt blitz a lot but when they did the bears turned it over. Txt book conservative win against a bad team.
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