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  1. Youre a savage, Ray! Lol
  2. Hilarious First world problems
  3. Hey man, how ya been? What you think of that draft? I honestly dont know about drafting that 3-4 nosetackle we drafted at #12, but ive been outta touch for a hot minute now. Sure am glad we fleeced buffalo, poor fools! Lol
  4. Heyy brother from another mother
  5. Not costing some poor team 30 million a year, mainly.
  6. Lets
  7. Wheres WFW at?
  8. Come on home Ron, your missed. Didnt you hear? Matty ice is making 30mill/year!
  9. Dam you crook, i was gonna use your avatar here! Lol
  10. Im sorry brother, truly... I was happy for ya man, maybe next year

  11. Kc offense = rubbish / Dolphins offense = rubbish / Pats offense = NOT rubbish.... is anyone else seeing this trend? :-)

  12. LOl, D@mn. What Happened?' iWas Lost.

  13. Lol, yea it sure was. dont mess with RevHal. dude isn't playing games, but its all good. I aint going anywhere. :)

  14. smh, so your BANN was Permanent