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  1. I love everybody @WhenFalconsWin
  2. Alex smith is gonna have a good game, Sunday. I think the bucs have all of One total interception all year, so go with smith.
  3. Very good track record on your Bday, BC. I like your chances today
  4. That sucks guys, sorry to hear. Dudes a beast when healthy.
  5. Hey, And i told you mike smith was staying in Atlanta! Lol
  6. We're all RC family, brother. Of course everyone still remembers you, you getting the last post in every thread is a quality. Lol Not a fault
  7. Its not just you. You should come around some time and say hello to the fellas, I promise its not what you think its like. You are missed
  8. Im sure he let someone know how he felt, lol. Did you see him on MNF when we played the steelers? Dude was losing it in the stands, and it was really him! So funny, love that guy.
  9. Yea yea, enjoy dem cheeks... Next time!
  10. ☺ Yall is hott garbage, almost losing to the bucs like that! Lol Nahh, the better won congrats yall. Enjoy your win, I thought our half time adjustments was gonna pull it off. The start of the comeback has begun, goodluck this year ATL(except week 17).
  11. Bucman approves, carry on.
  12. Well, if yall wouldnt cheat so dam much...
  13. Our RBs are trash, havent scored a TD all season.