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  1. I expect Jordan Davis to have a monster year! A top 10 pick type of year.
  2. Well, that got shut down quickly. I think he was just being reckless trying to make a point, but it's best to avoid provoking the bear unless you are planning on shooting it. Nick Chubb is also like the worst example that he could have come up with.
  3. They are headed for some very lean years in Knoxville. No-one wants to touch that job.
  4. I think we are all over it. We were just discussing Kirby’s coaching. Let’s hope we see a different result this time. I don’t think it has to be like last time. There is room for a couple really good qb’s on every team.
  5. Yeah I forgot about that game. Why he didn't throw him out there I will never understand. Could have changed the trajectory of fields at UGA.
  6. To me the biggest problem with the fields situation was Kirby wasn't interested in running up the score on coaches he has a positive relationships with. That led to fields having to just hand it off the whole time in mop up duty which didn't allow him to show what he could do in live game action. I think you can appease some kids with backup duty if they get the opportunity to come in and actually play and run the offense. I wouldn't want mop up duty just handing it off either. Unless I'm in then NFL making 7/8 figures to keep my mouth shut and do what the coach wants me to do. How is a kid supposed to learn without live game reps?
  7. That sounds about right for Tenn. these days.
  8. Any job is better than Tenn. right now. They are in for a long haul on rebuilding that program.
  9. It seems like the Dawgs deal with this kind of stuff more than most programs. At least from the outside looking in.
  10. Jacksonville really has nothing to lose, they haven't been relevant in almost 15 years when Del Rio was there.
  11. Nobody here is going to be sad to see landers leave town.
  12. I think this will be a good game but bama beat 4 teams that finished in the top 10 of the final playoff rankings. They clearly took their foot off the gas in the 2nd half of Notre Dame, which is unusual for them. I just don't see Ohio St. beating them. I could be wrong but I don't see it.
  13. I give up. The Dawgs are never going to win a championship.
  14. But isn’t that starting to become a trend. You let an up and comer push you around...how in the world are you ever going to beat bama.
  15. I disagree totally with Kirby. There is a reason why UGA is the play not to lose champions.
  16. Kirby only has his self to blame for playing this prevent crap and allowing their web to sit back there and run around. What a joke.
  17. If they are going to throw it, dial up the pressure
  18. If you can’t get third and short, you are the falcons. We all know how well they close.
  19. The run blocking is why we can’t open this game up. Offensive line is just pathetic.
  20. This is ridiculous that we can’t run it!
  21. The dawgs need to show some fight on defense. Everyone is still sleep walking.
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