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  1. A Lamborghini he probably doesn’t even own. Dumb and dumber.
  2. As Sac said previously a few months back, Fromm from a physical standpoint had nothing left to prove or improve and it was probably one of the main reasons he left. All Qb's have to work on their mechanics and most kids that excelled in college at any position, need to work on fundamentals and improve to make it at the nfl level. Every single defensive end in the draft had question marks after CY. I don't buy Fromm running from pressure either because frankly that doesn't make much sense and it also doesn't line up with what we know about him. The pressure is on because he will only see 14
  3. Wait, he went from not a star to average??? Sorry, I agree he was never a star but you just lost all credibility with me saying he was nothing more than an average QB.
  4. https://twitter.com/CoachYeah/status/1234621261721952258?s=20
  5. That would be great to see Beck push Newman in the Spring. I think Newman would have to look pretty bad for him to lose out to Beck. It's the game experience and maturity that pretty much puts it out of reach for Beck.
  6. This seems pretty minor compared to past infractions with other players.
  7. Kirby and the Big Dawgs are trying to kick down that door!
  8. Who exactly has Saint Saban played nice with? To be honest, given how freely and quickly coaches bolt today, Kirby and Cochran would be two of the most loyal members of that staff. Sometimes it's good for a change. They can cry over all those national titles they've won. The Dawgs want to join in on the fun!
  9. Edwards is easily a top 5 pick. His potential alone in a really weak draft class will cement that status.
  10. That's a pretty nasty dunk for someone who is only 6'4 and weighs 300 lbs. Dominique would be proud.
  11. You know the one thing i really like about Kirby is when he decides to do something, it's either 100% full tilt or not at all. He doesn't always make the right decisions, but he goes after it. He revamped the offense, which was a shocker for me. He's addressed the competition with the qb's...what are we up to now with Muschamp's kid as a PWO? 6 now? and he also addressed the need to improve our quality at WR, along with the #1 class in the nation. What an offseason!
  12. The Monken hire just doesn't move the needle for me, but I hope I am dead wrong and he is amazing.
  13. Can we all email, text, instagram, facebook, twitter and any other source we have straight to Kirby?
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