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  1. You don't get to the #1 recruiting class by wrapping it and hoping you have it in the bag. Kirby's gonna go full tilt until the end and the reason I believe we always close strong. You gotta be relentless in your pursuit of the guys you want.
  2. I remember this game vividly. Stadium was going CRAZY!
  3. The stadium is going to be rockin' on Saturday night.
  4. All I have to say is in 2 games ND has given up almost 450 rushing yds, which is our bread and butter. Play action is going to be deadly. This game is really simple for me. OLine needs to come out swinging, control the line of scrimmage and our defense just needs to play fast and physical. Oh and no stupid penalties.
  5. I thought he played really well on Saturday.
  6. It’s kind of funny that both blaylock and Pickens have more catches, yds and tds than haselwood.
  7. Mullen escapes for another week. How anyone has the gators at #9 is beyond me. Kentucky was the better team and should have won this game.
  8. Kentucky self destructing, they were in complete control until they went for it on 4th down. Man, they should be winning this game.
  9. That’s a horrible targeting call.
  10. Kentucky is trying desperately to lose this game.
  11. Huge stop by Kentucky. They were on the ropes there for a bit.
  12. Trask looks a lot better than franks.
  13. And Kentucky goes for it instead of kicking field goal to go up by 2 tds. I don’t like that call.
  14. I was wondering as well. Nice to know that we can rest him and play so well.
  15. Florida looks like crap. Kentucky just stuffed them on 4th down a franks was twisted around like a rag doll. He looks hurt bad.