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  1. wow, that is insane.
  2. I’m guessing the L stands for
  3. I watched both his runs live and he literally started in the blocks in an almost standing position. I ran a lot of track and whoever he trained with didn’t help him at all. He had the worst take off out of any of the guys and I guarantee it cost him.
  4. I think the writing is on the wall for ears, but i don’t understand why they keep dragging this on.
  5. Auburn said they are willing to play at our house two years in a row but for some reason the SEC says it isn't possible until 2024. I don't get it? What scheduling conflict is there when it's the same two teams involved. You just move the game to Athens the next time Auburn is scheduled to play at home. Why does everyone need to wait 5 years? Let's see, move one game or a bunch of games for the next 5 years???
  6. I don't get too caught up in Mock Drafts, but I was just kind of curious where was kind of aligning the players before the combine gets underway. I just about spit out my water when I saw Elijah Holyfield mocked at the end of the 1st round to Greenbay. If he even sniffs the 1st round, he definitely made the right decision to leave.
  7. Yeah I would be changing my name.
  8. 3rd school in three years and got kicked out of auburn? No thanks.
  9. Interview if you want to watch.
  10. Big difference with coaches is that they put in the work and earned that ability to move around as they choose. Most of these guys were graduate assistants, high school coaches making peanuts and worked their way through the ranks. I’m all for kids having the ability to choose and go where they want, but there is a huge difference in that the coaches put in the time, the no pay, the grunt work that gets zero glory or pats on the back to work their way up. They are loyal to the job, not a school, so that is a fair critique.
  11. Interesting read and actually a pretty serious problem that could eventually alter football at all levels.
  12. One thing is certain, UGA is getting a lot of recognition coaching wise with two more of our support staff being hired for on-field coaching positions at other schools.
  13. To me it almost sounds like it’s someone no one is expecting...