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  1. to many games like games vs the browns...brees will be remembered as a pretty good QB thats it. FACT
  2. did you watch espn at all in 06? espn pretty much made it look like your season was rigged, with all the katrina talk. **** if you got a beef with the rigged talk you need to send ESPN some emails. they are still talking about how the NFL and the Saints saved the city of neworleans 5 years after the fact. just watch a monday night game
  3. i must be the cooperate type that goes to falcons games that sits on my hands when were on defense and cheers loudly while we are on offense as well
  4. so reggie bush makes your offense click? might as well just mail in the season until he gets back, because he wont be back for pittsburgh or the bucs
  5. this comming from someone that is emotionally traumatized by a few falcons poster saying the saints season was rigged, its been over 3 years since the first rigged thread appeared and your still crying over it.
  6. yeah im a fake falcon fan, i just go to all the home games and 2 away games for the last 13 years, because im fake...im just wasting everyones time on the falcons message board arent i?
  7. in todays NFL you can tell alot about a qb in his rookie year. jimmy is a scared bunny rabbit
  8. your whole team sucks but jimmy clausen is a bust he's a scared bunny rabbit back there. matt moore is garbage. your franchise was set back 5 years with the jimmy clausen pick, because who ever is the coach next year will be forced to start him
  9. isnt this the rangers first playoff series victory ever? first i can remember since following baseball since 1988 . baseball season is to long and boring to follow a team that never ever makes it to the playoffs...but congrats
  10. hasnt it always been saints fans bragging about there number 1 ranked offense? now that they arent the number 1 offense and the falcons have a higher ranked offense. the saints fans dont mention there offense as much, strange times indeed
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