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  1. They resigned a guy that just tore his Achilles. This front office was expecting Super Bowl, and unless something is done, that’s looking like a pipe dream. I’m not saying we’re getting Reid or Thomas, but they are 100% having those conversations at Flowery Branch right now. There is no telling how long this team is going to compete at this level, and just phoning in the rest of this season isn’t acceptable. A move has to be made.
  2. It's so difficult, because of the cost in draft picks/finding a way to pay him/having just re-signed Rico... But man any Super Bowl talk seems crazy missing both of our starting safeties for the rest of they year. I don't know. I think it's a conversation that should be had at Flowery Branch, but I don't know if it's feasible. Dude would be a perfect fit here, though.
  3. Would have been my first choice, but my fiance won't be able to get off of work
  4. So, I’m getting married to a Steelers fan this week, and we’ve decided to go to both a Steelers and Falcons home game for a honeymoon. We’ve obviously decided on the Falcons @ Steelers for hers. What we’re stuck on is which Falcons game to attend. Right now we’re between the Bucs and Giants games. We would be able to get better seats for the Bucs game, but I’m wondering if the atmosphere of a Monday Night game is worth taking slightly worse seats? Has anyone attended a night game in the Benz? And if so, would you say the atmosphere inside the stadium is any different than a regular game? Any other advice would be greatly appreciated, also!
  5. I'll say thanks, since no one else will. As low as I've ever been as a fan of anything... But I appreciate you taking time out of your night to try and cheer this place up.
  6. We're all pretty crushed. Players, coaches, front office, fans... This sucks guys. But all any of us can do is hope we get another crack at it. Love our Falcons family. And just remember, turning on this team isn't the answer. I get everyone's frustrated. But ****ting on the guys who are just as crushed as us isn't the right move.
  7. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000783169/article/alex-mack-will-play-not-expecting-any-limitations Mack says he's playing, and the Falcons do not expect him to be limited.
  8. I was an 8-year old kid that loved the color red and watching Michael Vick. 23 now, and I like watching Matt Ryan more. It's funny, the first season I really watched every single game and really understand everything was '06 right before Vick left. Very thankful to be where we are now lol.
  9. I mean, he finished out the NFCCCG. If he was really in bad shape there, I would think he wouldn't have come back in after one play, when the game was put away. If he's feeling better than he did then, I'm not too worried.
  10. Yeah, this has me a tad worried. But wasn't he just talking about playing Brady again today? Hopefully they're just resting him or something. It's odd.
  11. The one and only D. Orlando Ledbetter just asked Lady Gaga if she was rooting for us in the Super Bowl. Is this real life?
  12. Bankerbird is gone, isn't he? Also, do Swift and Jedi ever post anymore?
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