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  1. Pretty pedestrian for the most part,except one guy over my right shoulder.Had to start sayin ignorent stuff like the Falcons were racist cuz they're from the south.Really?!I mean,REALLY?!...Falcons had a good play,I clap,he says "Falcons fans who clap are racist."....REALLY?!...at that point,it was confirmed,I was his target...I simply stood up,turned around,looked at his buddies and said "My condolences for having such an ignorent piece of sh!# for a friend,how many more beers til he shuts the f#@k up and passes out?"They laughed and said by halftime.He toned it down pretty good after that,just had 1 more incident with him after the Hillis score,he had to go out of his way to get "high 5's",especially from me.Which I gave him reluctantly,for one helluva catch from Payton.But when Roddy caught that nice ball for the TD,and it was my turn to get "high 5's," only my wife complied.Dude wouldnt even look at me.It was remarkably gratifying,after the beautiful Kroy play,to watch him hold his head in quiet shame,as he and thousands of other Browns fans,started heading for the exits!!!...Sorry for long post,but it feels good to get it out.....GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!....and have a good night!!
  2. Falcons above and beyond my FAVORITE NFL team.I do follow an AFC team,Texans,only cuz their very first game they beat the Cowboys.Been paying attention ever since.But nothing comes close to my obsessive behavior over the Falcons!!...College is a bit different....im kind of a wh@re...I follow Boise St.,Florida St.,Michigan,and Va Tech.Bash me if u want,thats just how I do it when it comes to college football,but u cant deny,I am FALCONS all the way!!!
  3. Falcons should win,Steelers should lose,then go to Big Ben's house for the post game pity party in Pittsburg....
  4. Smitty hasnt given me a reason to doubt him yet,so what he says,I beleive,all I know for sure!?......IM READY FOR SUM FALCON FOOTBALL!!!!!!!................p.s.BOISE M F'n STATE!
  5. right on,interesting none the less...
  6. Hey Dunte,lace em up,stick the mouth guard between ur teeth and COVER,TACKLE ,INTERCEPT,CAUSE FUMBLES and RECOVER EM.....thank you!
  7. Im assuming that doesn't include Gonzo....
  8. Defense accounts for such a small amount of your points,so as a Falcon fan,I would play another D.I only take 1 defense all year,so I would drop a "scrub" on my bench and pick up whatever Defense is left with the most favorable match up....but thats just me,and how i roll.I only select 1 QB,1 TE,1 Def, and 1 K.When the bye week is upon me,i just release the worst player on my roster and pick up what I need for the week.Im only gonna use it once anyway...............GO FALCONS...................
  9. Watched 30 seconds and came to the conclusion,this guy is clueless....oh well...GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Falcons Giants Saints Bucs Falcons are too solid all around and I dont think Smitty will let us lose...Panthers just cant handle the New Yorkers and the electricity of the new stadium opening...I'm not sold on Favre being very healthy,not to mention receiver issues...Browns/Bucs is a crap shoot,only picked em cuz their at home....LET THE SEASON BEGIN!!!!!!
  11. As much as I would love to live in Atlanta and be able to either attend the games or at least watch em at home;I for one,don't mind catching sh!t from the locals.I didn't mind it when we sucked,it proved I was not a bandwagoner.And I certainly dont mind it now that we are pretty good.I could give a (insert cuss word here) less what other teams fans have to say about me.My loyalties run DEEP!So let the haters hate,its what they do!....ME!?I'm gonna hold it down with my head high,whether we are good or bad,whether I fly down for a home game in the ATL,or I catch a more local away game surrounded by 70,000 enemies,I will cheer the loudest!...................GO FALCONS...................
  12. I say good question,and we should strongly re-visit it after say,2 to 3 games....
  13. We get lost in the affairs of the players on teams all across the NFL as well as on our Falcons.But I think coach Smith deserves a lil love too.I think the man is absolutely FOR REAL and the players seem to really listen and buy into his methods and mimick his humble yet hard demeanor.I just wanna raise my mug to coach Smitty!!!Who's with me!!!...."Trolls,STAY OUTSIDE!!!".....
  14. Well come back Emmitt,we missed you every time!!!
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