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  1. I'm not knocking them for giving it an effort. My biggest complaint is not being able to contact them and tell them about what's going on. I like the site. Heck, I was looking forward to chatting with several people on there tonight about the braves. But I can't, and had no way of contacting them. So I guess I'm done with trying to use that site. I wasn't banned, it just isn't working for me trying to login, not just this time, EVERY TIME. The verification code crap is just that, CRAP! Half the time it's a roll of the dice even if you enter it correctly. I realize it's case sensitive, and it even says that. But it doesn't work half the time. This time I couldn't get on at all. So I'm not going to try anymore. You might be right, it might be an error, but if you can't contact them and tell them about it then it doesn't matter.
  2. No, I'm not. I actually have a lot of friends on here and there. The problem is, I've tried everything to login there and every single time :" I have to have my password sent to me, and even if I write it down and enter it correctly, I still have to have a new one sent to me again, and if I make it to the verification CASE SENSITIVE ENTRY point, "It doesn't work, regardless of how I enter it, it doesn't accept it". I would have sent them a message : "But there was no option for that". So that's alright, I just want be going there anymore even though I like the people running it and all the users which for the most part are from here. I'm done with it, I would recommend that if you want to "TALK ABOUT THE FALCONS" you do it HERE on the "OFFICIAL SITE". If you wanna "NEG" me for saying "USE THIS SITE" then you need to realize, "THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE THE OFFICIAL TALK ABOUT THE FALCONS FORUM EXIST". Regardless of the board problems on this site, I have always been able to contact the admins and have always had a response and been able to contact them when I have had problems getting on the forums. On that other site, After entering the proper information I get told I have to wait 15 minutes, then it's a merry go round of non-stop not being able to login BS! Heck, a simple email verification should be enough ya know! WTF? Heck, I wasn't banned, I had several conversations I wanted to carry on with others. I guess all that's over with now. "TALK ABOUT THE FALCONS WHERE THEY NEED TO BE TALKED ABOUT IMO : HERE ON THE OFFICIAL FORUMS!". GA-FALCON-FAN!
  3. I tried using those forums, and no matter what I done it always NEVER remembered my password! Not to mention the verification for entered password was incorrect!!!! IN MY OPINION!!!! If you are going to "TALK ABOUT THE FALCONS" : "TALK ABOUT THE FALCONS ON THE OFFICIAL SITE". Oh, BTW: I also had my password sent to me about 30 times over the last few days, and it never worked because the verification was GARBAGE and NOT CORRECT! JMO............
  4. Oh yeah! Forces a turnover after the int. and makes two spectacular catches. No doubt, he is a Pro Bowler.
  5. I know it's too late for the Falcons to run in the game right now. But it seems to me like they got completly away from the run in this 4th qtr.
  6. 49er defensive player just slapped Ryan on the arm when he got up. Did anybody else see that? If you can replay the end of that play watch it and you'll see what I am talking about.
  7. Lol, Sam Baker waved a doughnut, they had to call it, those 49ers d-line man couldn't resist.
  8. So I guess they are going to allow 4 offsides before they call 1 on the 49ers. It's about time they started calling that.
  9. He did catch the only Atlanta TD of the game, I wouldn't knock him too much.
  10. Atlanta's first drive, the final 3rd down of that drive they should have called offsides on the 49ers. They are letting the 49ers start too early everytime. Apparently they aren't going to call this.
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