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  1. . Two days before the SB. Had me worried. Thought for sure he'd be back in the NFL next year.
  2. That was funny. Will someone post the video here?
  3. I need 4 tickets myself, and I'm a Falcons fan. Let me know what you have.
  4. I don't see GB losing, so does anyone have 4 tickets that will not be able to make it? I don't remember how the playoff tickets work for STH's but regradless, I need 4 tickets. That's NFC title game. Sorry Thanks.
  5. Upon further review, he is indeed the 1st Atlanta Falcons QB named to the 1st team All-Pro team.
  6. Weems is the least of our worries.
  7. Who can I blame for this? It's unacceptable. It happened several times today including late in the game right before we went for it on 4th down where we threw the ball what looked to be behind the line of scrimmage. Maybe I'm just not as knowledgeable as I thought but if I'm wrong it didn't work at all today for those who are right.
  8. BirdWeisErrr TonaBull MarcusV Is it that time yet?
  9. Like I said, I really ended the thread before I said everything I wanted to say. Again, like I said, maybe it's just me getting older. I guess I'll always be a Falcon fan or just stop watching football, but I could never support any other team. I didn't renew my season tickets this year, after many years of having them. Several different reasons, just not as into it anymore. This thread wasn't meant as Roddy is the only reason my feelings have changed. And they didn't change overnight either. I was already less excited, didn't go to a single game last year. But cutting Roddy was kinda like the straw that almost broke the camels back. Anyway, whatever.
  10. You're right. But that would have answered a question I didn't ask.
  11. No. I couldn't name a single player that is supposed to be drafted in the 1st round. Or 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and so on.
  12. I've been a Falcon fan with 1980 being the earliest I can remember. I was 8 years old then. I've been with this team through it all. For some reason, and maybe it's because I'm getting older, losing Roddy took a lot out of me as a fan. In a way it's almost like I'm just not interested anymore. I'm not even interested enough to finish this thread that I thought would be long and drawn out. Roddy was probably my favorite player and maybe I'm just not into the team anymore.
  13. Yeah I'm sure the board is full of threads and opinions, but I've been busy and still too busy to read every thread. So, now we are getting closer to draft day, I'd like to know who the MB wants to be our pick. Please tell.
  14. Whatever happens, you DO NOT put Mike Smith in charge of the time clock.
  15. Last year when there was no known interest it was speculated that he was simply wanting to take a year off. This year he has interviewed for jobs, so clearly he is interested this year, yet he keeps getting passed over. The thing about something as big as the NFL is you cannot hide from your mistakes. Game film in itself is enough to prevent an organization from hiring him as HC. In the early years I believe many of his coaching flaws were masked by having guys like Anderson, Ryan, Abraham, among others. Plus he was a new HC and the players had not yet lost faith in him. Regardless of his record in Atlanta, his flaws are what they are and it doesn't appear he'll be a HC again any time soon.
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