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  1. *favorite posters (god I need to stop posting when I'm tired. O_o

  2. I think we butted heads once a week or so ago, but since then you have become one of my posters as far as your views. It's funny how reality works sometimes... lol

  3. Man your a trip, but you usually make sense.

  4. Everything that you've posted so far makes great sense. We need more members like you man.

  5. I just saw your comment from WAAAAAY back... lol What's up right back at you! XD

  6. This season is gonna be wild, but fun to watch when between our 2 teams.

  7. Oh my... Yowza! I have to ask though... being from NY what made you become a fan of the Falcons?

  8. Blank For President

  9. I'm sure it was you that gave me my very 1st Rep. point... Thank you sir...

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